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    Fall 2023-24

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    Flying with the Angels into this Winter’s Racquetball Season

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The Student News Site of St Joseph's Academy

The Voice

The Student News Site of St Joseph's Academy

The Voice

The Student News Site of St Joseph's Academy

The Voice

The Masterminds Behind Matilda

Kathryn Portman
Ms. Tipton choreographing the song Bruce for freshmen Leila Phoenix, Jenna Walters, Lindsay Strickland, Mabry Hamilton, and sophomores Molly Salaberry and Cecilia Simpson.

St. Joe will be putting on another fall musical, and this year it’s Matilda! Matilda the Broadway musical debuted on April 11, 2013, and since then has been a fan favorite. It won four Tony Awards including Best Book Turned Musical and Best Scenic Design. 

Matilda is about a 5-year-old girl named Matilda who lives with her crazy mom and dad, who don’t particularly like her. She is sent to Crunchem Hall Primary School which is run by Ms. Trunchbull, a mean woman who hates kids. Matilda is part of Ms. Honey’s class. Ms. Trunchbull is torturing the kids, but Matilda stands up to her (which has never happened before) so she becomes the symbol of the school’s rebellion. The kids then rebel against Ms. Trunchbull and Ms. Honey takes over the school. St. Joseph’s Academy is premiering Matilda as this year’s Fall Musical.

Sophomore Molly Sallaberry enjoys being a part of the cast for Matilda at St. Joe. 

“I love the cast. They are all the sweetest people ever who always have your back and will be your biggest cheerleaders.” Sophomore Molly Sallaberry said.

Some of the characters included in this show are the following: Matilda (sophomore Molly Sallaberry), a 5-year-old girl who’s wise beyond her years but doesn’t realize it and Ms. Honey (sophomore Taylor Gilbert), a kind-hearted teacher willing to do anything for her students. Then there is Ms. Trunchbull (freshman Amelia Trost), a powerful individual who enjoys the suffering of children, Ms. Wormwood (junior Kathryn Portman), Matilda’s crazy mom who loves fashion, money, and dance and Mr. Wormwood (sophomore Isabel Stadnyk), Matilda’s dad and an obnoxious man who cheats people. Additionally there is Lavender (freshman Leila Phoenix), a kooky ball of energy who wants nothing more than to be friends with Matilda, Bruce (sophomore Cecilia Simpson), a positive little kid who works through struggles at school, and Ms. Phelps (junior Abby Latsch), the librarian and Matilda’s friend. There is also an ensemble that features freshmen Janae Cole, Mabry Hamilton, Lindsay Strickland, Jenna Walters, Brooke Kansteiner, and sophomores Sydney Moore, Summer Pullen, and Ava Swan. 

Freshmen Jenna Walters, Lindsay Strickland, Mabry Hamilton, Amelia Trost, Leila Phoenix, and sophomore Cecilia Simpson working on vocals with Mr. David Kowalczyk. (Kathryn Portman)

Sophomore Shelby Wilson has been working hard to get the show ready in time.

“The show is going really well, and it’s the best thing ever for me. It feels like I’m connecting with someone new every time, and it’s just really great.” Shelby said.

For the backstage operators of the show, the crew, there are multiple different jobs. This includes backstage moving sets, lighting, makeup and costume, stage manager, assistant stage manager, set painters and more. They all play vital roles in making the show happen. 

Freshman Amelia Trost is a part of the Matilda cast. 

“They are hard workers and organized. And they’re such great people to work with.” Amelia said.

On October 26th, 27th, and 28th the cast will perform their take on the iconic Broadway musical. All of the shows will take place in the theater at 7:00 p.m. Tickets will be sold online for purchase in advance. 

Lily Granneman is a freshman who was asked about her excitement about the performance.

“I am so excited to see it, I can’t wait to see all of my friends in it,” said Lily Granneman.

Overall, St. Joe is highly anticipating this performance. Make sure to get tickets early because they usually sell out fast!

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Mabry Hamilton
Mabry Hamilton, Senior Staff Writer
Mabry Hamilton is a freshman at SJA. This is her first time working on a news team as a staff writer, and she is excited to get started! During school Mabry participates in plays and musicals, and she is a part of a few different clubs. Some of Mabry's favorite subjects are English, Government, and Theology. In Mabry’s free time (which is small) she enjoys hanging with friends, drawing, and playing games.