In Cold Blood Review: A Chilling Reality

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote is a chilling, graphic, and yet powerful read. The stories told in this non-fiction murder capture the essence of American violence and why so many people commit brutal crimes, to this day.

To describe my feelings about the book in a word, I would say that it is appalling. It is shocking to me that someone could commit this crime in the first place, to see that it was only for money, and to see the reactions of the killers, the general public and, most importantly, the reader.

This book is a roller coaster; the patterns of emotional instability between the reader and the characters of this book cause it to be a compelling read. In Cold Blood is a masterpiece that birthed a whole new genre of writing that is so important to American Literature to this day. Overall, the book was written with many sinister undertones and themes, which only increased my interest in the novel. A book like In Cold Blood requires a deep analysis, which only enhances its quality and understanding.

This book is about much more than just the murders, for in a way, it is about each of the murderers and their lives. As a reader, being able to witness what was going through each murderer’s mind was hard to swallow yet intriguing. One of the murderers, Perry, performed actions and thought unspoken words which capture what it means to be a killer and American violence as a whole, in his persevering efforts to express himself through violence and terror. Capote has an incredibly cynical way of drawing sympathy and compassion towards Perry, despite the fact that he is, simply put, a psychotic killer. Capote’s efforts to develop all of the characters in this novel, but more specifically Perry, bring about special, and indescribable bonds with each character, that make this book so unique.

The unsettling conclusion to this novel leaves more than a few thoughts behind. As I was wrapping up my summer reading I was left in a state of reflection on death, life, and our American System. Though the idea behind In Cold Blood was incredibly horrifying, Truman Capote’s writing had a brilliant way of creating this novel to be much more than journalism, as Capote takes a stand on many issues, both political and moral. Capote has an intentional writing style that brought me to develop relationships with the characters on the page. Capote’s conscious effort to bring the reader closer to each character and his feelings make this book an outstanding work of literature. This book is a perfect blend of current events, American Culture, and murder mystery. In Cold Blood is a masterpiece and a beautifully crafted work of journalism, non-fiction, and storytelling.