Welcoming Mrs. Maggie Sullivan with Open Arms



St. Joe’s new Principal of Missions, Mrs. Maggie Sullivan.

Julia Rhodes, Editor in Chief

Mrs. Maggie Sullivan is already making a difference in the St. Joe community. She is paving the way for a new administration position this year at the school called the “Assistant Principal of Missions.”

Mrs. Sullivan grew up in St.Louis and attended numerous grade schools until she eventually graduated from St. Clare of Assisi. She attended St. Joe for highschool, following in the footsteps of her mom and her aunt. While in school, she played on the volleyball team for Coach Karen Davis, current Principal of Affairs, she managed the basketball team, and participated in the Latin club. 

While growing up, Ms. Sullivan was sure that she was going to be a lawyer when she was older. However, that path changed for her at St. Joe. Many of the educators were nuns at the time, and these powerful women inspired her. 

“There was something about the teachers at St. Joe that just made me want to be a teacher,” Mrs. Sullivan said. 

After four years at the Academy, Mrs. Sullivan walked the stage to receive her diploma from Ms. Mary Alice Hennessy.

 “Thank you for everything,” she remembers saying to Ms. Hennessy. “I am going to be back here one day.” 

This truly was alluding to the future.

She continued her education on a full ride to the University of Florida, thanks to the help of Ms. Davis, and majored in history. She thought about law school but, in the end, decided she wanted to teach. 

Mrs. Sullivan’s love for St. Joe is beyond empowering. She believes in the strong women who come out of the institution and attributes much of that to the strong administrative leaders.

Mrs. Sullivan is also coaching the freshman volleyball team. They are undefeated and and want to continue that reign.

“We have the best little team. The players gel together, they take feedback really well, they learn quickly, they adapt, and it’s been a great season,” Mrs. Sullivan said. 

If there is anything to know about Mrs. Sullivan, it’s that she wants to get to know everyone at St. Joe’s authentic selves. Her doors have been open for students and staff to talk with her about anything since her very first day at the school. 

The community at St. Joe certainly seems to feel this love. Senior Abigail Schoemehl has gotten candy from Mrs. Sullivan’s office and listened to her speak at the various events in the beginning of the school year.

“She has such a comforting energy. She calls everyone lovies. It’s so cute. I feel like I could go to her with anything I needed to talk about,” Abigail said. 

Mrs. Sullivan is certainly bringing in her infectious St. Joe spirit and pride. She has many goals and inspirations for this first year back, but above all she wants to once again get to know St. Joe. This new administration position is sure to bring about even more advancements, especially in the hands of Mrs. Maggie Sullivan.

Mrs. Maggie Sullivan and her teammates of the St. Joe volleyball team celebrating a victory. (Unknown)