Introducing Mr. Cange

Mr. Cange and family enjoying a beautiful day outside!

Lily Pingleton, Senior Staff Writer

While checking out the new facilities on the third floor, people may notice a new face as well! Mr. Frank Cange is St. Joe’s new Physics teacher.

He was born and raised in Illinois where he attended  Catholic grade school and went to Althoff Catholic High School. Althoff introduced him to his passion for science.

“In high school, I enjoyed experiments and labs in science which led me to take a great interest in science,” Mr. Cange said. 

Mr. Cange later attended Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois for college, earning both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees there. Afterwards, he taught at many different schools, including Belleville West High School, Trinity Catholic High School, and Cor Jesu Academy. He was also an adjunct professor at Southern Illinois University, Southwestern Illinois College, and McKendree University. 

“I try to provide the best education, so that I can see students reach their maximum potential. That’s what motivates me to work hard,” Mr. Cange stated.

Mr. Cange has been teaching at Catholic schools for 42 years, and he always looks forward to upcoming opportunities and challenges within each school environment. 

“My favorite thing about St. Joe so far has been the very nice people– both faculty and students. People make me feel welcome,” he explained. 

Mr. Cange could not be more excited to be teaching physics at St. Joe. His love for science allows him to be an engaging teacher who never fails to make his students understand the material as well as enjoy the class. 

Senior Olivia Hirsch has enjoyed Mr. Cange’s physics class.

“Mr. Cange is a great teacher. He makes sure the students understand the material and keeps it entertaining without getting sidetracked,” she explained. 

A fun fact about Mr. Cange is that he is a big sports fan. He loves the St. Louis Cardinals and the former St. Louis Rams. Mr. Cange and his family enjoy going to Cardinal games and amusement parks like Holliday World in Indiana together.

Altogether, Mr. Cange is a hard-working teacher who cares deeply for the education of his students. He looks forward to meeting all the students at St. Joe, and he cannot wait to learn how the school operates. He especially is excited to see all the new facilities once construction is complete, and he cannot wait to learn his way around the campus.