Why do St. Joseph’s Academy Students love Music for the Missions?


Jane Mortland

Our three wonderful MCs take the stage (pictured left to right: Senior Frankie Schuman, Senior Lily Pingleton, Senior Makayla Plunkett)

Julia von der Lancken, Senior Staff Writer

Mission week is one of St. Joseph Academy’s most cherished customs. Fun is to be had, but most importantly, money needs to be raised for the Sisters who are working nonstop to assist Peruvian families. The majority of students at St. Joe would agree that Mission Week is one of the best parts of the academic year. Music for the Missions is a major event during Mission Week. Students have the opportunity to showcase their incredible talents or simply have fun in the pursuit of raising money. 

Senior Lily Pingleton was one of the many performers at Music for the Missions. (Jane Mortland)

This custom is very well-liked among students. Senior Makalya Plunkett, one of the outstanding performers, sheds light on why she thinks this event is so well-liked.

“I think that everyone enjoys watching their classmates show off what they are good at,” Makayla said. “Not only that, but it is also so fun to watch a show come together in such a short amount of time.”

Freshman Isabel Stadnyk is another flawless performer who has an idea of why the event is popular.

“Music for the Missions is a fun way to bring music into the holiday season,” Isabel said. “It also raises money at the same time.”

Whether students prefer to perform or just buy a ticket to watch their friends display their impeccable talents, Music for the Missions is a fantastic way to raise money. Additionally, there is zero risk involved for the performers.

The low risk factor was valued by Isabel.

“It’s all fun and games. You don’t have to worry about being perfect,” Isabel said.

Senior Caitlin Avery was one of the many performers at Music for the Missions. (Jane Mortland)

Along with raising money, Music for the Missions raises awareness of St. Joseph’s Academy’s outstanding arts program.  

Arts enthusiast Makalya Plunett recognizes the value that Music for the Missions adds to the arts program.

“Music for the Missions allows for members of the St. Joseph’s Academy community to come and work together to create a show worth watching,” Makayla said. “It is a great way to not only bring the school together, but celebrate the arts.”

Senior Molly Thompson was one of the many performers at Music for the Missions. (Lana Wen)

Music for the Missions is a fantastic way to get involved at St. Joseph’s Academy. Students can also feel good knowing that their contribution is helping to make the world a better place. Every St. Joseph’s Academy student, whether a musician or an audience member, should consider participating in Music for the Missions.