Ukraine War Rages On



Ukrainian soldiers preparing for combat in Kyiv

Mackie Schuler, Senior Staff Writer

Citizens of Ukraine begging for peace. (Tetiana Shyshkina)

Not many people are informed about the history, details, and reasons for the attack on Ukraine by Russia. The raging war in Ukraine was once the main topic of every news headline and in everyday conversation, and now nothing?  


There is still talk about Ukraine but not as much as there was initially. It shocked the whole world and really made everyone wonder “who is really safe?” Think about the last time you heard the words “Russia,” “Ukraine” and/or” invasion.” There is not as much publicity to the situation anymore even though it has not gotten better. The media’s interest died down and people took down their yellow and blue flags. What was the reason? Is the media not benefiting from the tragedy? Or is it not as important to them anymore? 


Sophomore Chelsea Lindell was asked about the events that were occurring in Ukraine. 


“I haven’t heard about it since I saw it on social media over the summer,” Chelsea said. 


Ukraine’s total population was 41 million people before the invasion. Of which 29 million were women and children. In the past year, the population has decreased by 30 percent because of the invasion. People were forced out of their homes and some were killed becasue of the bombings. 

Nataliia Day is a Ukrainian tailor who now lives in Ballwin, Mo., and is personally affected by the war. She is closing her shop earlier on Satudays to give her time to help her home country.


“I have to send money to my family,” Nataliia said.

Map of Ukraine (David Wagner)

Her family is stuck in Ukraine and cannot get out. She explained how her friends were found holding their baby in rubble that was once their home and how she doesn’t even  know if her own son is still alive. It is difficult to realize the magnitude of these world problems until it is personal.  


Women and children were forced to leave their homes and became refugees. They abandoned their fathers, sons, uncles, cousins and friends. Many refugees don’t know if their loved ones are safe, fighting against the Russian army, or dead. People are currently living in fear and in the unknown.  


Little do people know, Russia and Ukraine’s history goes back to the medieval times. Starting with the kingdom called Kyivan Rus. Their history has spanned through many years and not many people today know the main reason why Russia invaded Ukraine. From 1964 to 1982 Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union. 


 Mrs. Megan Smith is a history teacher at SJA and is knowledgeable about the history of Ukraine because she participated in the “lunch and learn” about it last school year. 

“It was about 2015 when Crimea was annexed,” she said. 


Russia’s main goal was to overrun their government to join the Western defense alliance Nato. When that didn’t workout, their next plan was to invade the country which took place on February 24 of this year. 

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