Senior Mallory Holzer earns Archbishop John L. May Service Award


Mallory Holzer shows a big smile while working on the construction of a house during the 2017 New Orleans Spring Break Trip

Anna Perreand, Staff Writer

The Archbishop John L. May Service award is given to a student who has recognized the needs of the dear neighbor and went above and beyond to fulfill them. The recipient of the 2017-2018 award has proven through her actions that she has a compassionate heart and caring disposition. Campus Ministry’s Ms. Hammell notes that her “humility and understand of what service means… as well as the variety of organizations and age ranges of individuals whose lives have been touched by her gift of service” is what made her stand apart from the crowd. Senior Mallory Holzer, a model student in the St. Joe community, has now not only shown that she is academically excellent, but dedicated to service and being a well-rounded person.

Mallory Holzer earned this award by completing 218 hours of service– well over the minimum amount.

Serving has become much more to me than getting service hours”

— Mallory Holzer

Mallory defines service as “selflessly working to make others’ lives better and showing Christ to them while not expecting a reward in return” and she has stayed true to her own definition.

She has served in nursing homes and child care centers, also helping out with her parish’s children’s summer camp. She also gives her time to St. Joe by volunteering at the auction, open house and Angel Fest, as well as going on the New Orleans spring break mission trip. Mallory mentions that her service has allowed her to find moments of learning that helped her grow as a person.

“Serving has become much more to me than getting service hours,” Holzer says.

She notes that her service gives her the ability to see God working through her by showing the people around her love and happiness, which brings her peace.  

However, Mallory’s generosity extends past service and into the classroom as well. Mallory is naturally kind to her peers and truly lives out the motto “Not I, But we.”

Whether it’s helping a friend with homework or smiling at students in the hallway, Mallory keeps a warm and happy presence around her that makes her an inviting and trustworthy person. Her friends have described her as someone who goes out of her way for others, whether by making others smile when they are having a bad day or listening when someone needs an ear. Her honesty and embodiment of the school motto makes her a dedicated individual who anyone would be lucky to know.

Senior Megan Johar remarked that Holzer “deserves this service award more than anyone I know.”

Holzer has shown that she is truly an exemplary student and generous neighbor, willing to help those around her.

“I am incredibly honored to be awarded the Archbishop May service award because I know there are so many amazing girls that have served our community and beyond extensively,” she said.