Shining on Ms. Shah

Ms. Shah, her husband, and their three kids while traveling over the summer.

Sophie Gloriod, Print Editor

Ms. Lisa Shah is the newest addition to the St. Joe faculty. Everyone can agree that she is a fantastic member of the St. Joe family. Ms. Shah grew up here in St. Louis and attended Parkway South for high school. She has been teaching for 15 years, and St. Joe is the fourth school she has taught. However, it is her first time teaching at a Catholic school. 

She teaches math, and she especially enjoys teaching geometry to freshmen and sophomores. 

“I find geometry to be such an amazing combination of spatial relationships, but supported by Algebraic concepts. It’s a blend of left and right brain for sure,” she remarks. 

 Ms. Shah expresses complete excitement regarding her future teaching at St. Joe.

My favorite part about teaching is getting to share my love of math with other students, but also getting to know the students as the truly amazing people they are,” she stated.

In addition to her school life, Ms. Shah has three children that she loves to spend time with. Her entire family loves to play tennis, especially when they play together. In general, Ms. Shah loves exercising, whether that be running, lifting weights, or even doing barre classes. She is always in the mood for a good workout. She also loves to read, travel, and try new and delicious foods. 

Ms. Shah has many exciting stories about her life. Did you know that she was named after Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley? Her parents thought she was going to be a boy and therefore had to come up with a girl name very quickly. Additionally, her husband is Indian, which means she and her family are able to attend many Indian weddings.

“They are extremely colorful and unique and always an amazing experience!” she explains.

Ms. Shah is overjoyed to be teaching here at St. Joe. If you ever see her in the hallway, make sure to say hello and welcome her to the St. Joe community.

Ms. Shah and her family at an Indian wedding. (Lisa Shah)
Ms. Shah, her husband, and their three kids while traveling over the summer. (Lisa Shah)