St. Joe is going “Under the Sea”


Kara Pruett, Layout Editor

Disney’s The Little Mermaid is a wonderful musical, with lovable characters, colorful sets, and music that makes everyone smile.  St. Joe is excited to announce that the theatre department is bringing the Disney classic to stage as the 2017 fall musical!

It tells the story of the iconic Disney princess, Ariel, a mermaid with a big heart and big dreams. She falls in love with Prince Eric and the human world he lives in and trades her mermaid tail for a pair of feet in order to pursue him.

The show features many other fun characters accompanied by a beautiful and upbeat score. The show also offers great technical aspects for anyone interested in working on the tech crew.

Auditions took place on Friday August 18th and consisted of a vocal and dance audition.  In a few months, the show will be performed at St. Joe on October 27th and 28th. The show will also be performed as a matinee for grade schoolers on October 26th.

St. Joe is also very excited about their new director for the musical. Ms. Janine Albes, who helped in directing the 2017 Spring Musical, is returning to take on the fall musical.

Ms. Albes admits the show is “technically demanding,” but she said she finds these challenges “exciting and intriguing.”

“The locations are varied with scenes underwater, on land, or inside the castle. Movement and flow will be enhanced through creative costumes and choreography, lighting, and possibly computer-generated imagery, she said.

Ms. Albes enjoyed a rewarding theatre career performing and directing.

“I am looking forward to returning to educational theatre and working with students at St. Joseph’s Academy,” she said.

The announcement of the musical brought much anticipation to many students involved in St. Joe theatre.

“I am so excited St. Joe is doing The Little Mermaid because it was my favorite movie growing up,” Junior Maggie Kutz said. I’m so excited to become part of this world (no pun intended). I love the music and the bright colors that come with this musical, and I cannot wait to experience it!”

There is also anticipation for the technical aspects of the show.

“I am looking forward to seeing what the sets and lighting are going to look like, as well as the dances we come up with,” Senior Maggie Wallisch said.

The musical version of Disney’s The Little Mermaid will be a fun show for those participating as well as those watching in the audience. It offers an exciting and classic story with memorable characters and songs everyone is sure to enjoy.