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  • Fall 2023-24

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    Fall 2023-24

  • A Thousand Boy Kisses is the novel to make you feel all of the emotions.


    A Thousand Boy Kisses: My Opinion

  • Mr. Mikey Ward poses for a photo.


    Meeting Mr. Ward

  • A Christmas tree glows brightly as it welcomes families into the Christmas season.


    Going Home for the Holidays

  • St. Joe Junior Varsity Raquetball team having fun at practice.


    Flying with the Angels into this Winter’s Racquetball Season

  • Piles of papers wait to be organized as part of St. Joes ins for the 2024 spring semester.


    Out With the Old and In with the New

  • The senior class making memories during first semester


    Seniors’ Last Semester

  • (from left to right) Freshmen Peyton Peters, Bella Sedlack, Amelia Trost, Caroline McQuaid, and Madelyn Emge dressed up in an 80s theme at the Villa vs. St. Joe field hockey game.


    Moving Onto the Second Half of Freshman Year

  • Fireworks light up the sky as the new year begins.


    Jumping into the Second Half of Junior Year

  • St. Joe students perform at the annual Winter Concert.


    Students Celebrate Holiday Traditions

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The Student News Site of St Joseph's Academy

The Voice

The Student News Site of St Joseph's Academy

The Voice

The Student News Site of St Joseph's Academy

The Voice

Sending Love Over the Oceans

Soldiers deployed in Iraq in 2017.
Mackie Schuler
Soldiers deployed in Iraq in 2017.

Sending Love is a fundraising organization that focuses on showing appreciation for the people who sacrifice their lives every day to keep this country free. This organization gives the opportunity to send love and appreciation over the oceans to deployed troops and local first responders. 

Spring of 2017 crept up on me and it was eventually the Lenten season. My ten-year-old self could not muster up an idea of what I should give up for the next 40 days. I came to the conclusion that I should undertake a service project instead. This project ended up being sending packages to my uncle’s platoon who were deployed in Iraq. 

Almost a year later, I received cards of appreciation that brought me to tears. One soldier sent me a picture of his cat saying, “This is not much but I wanted to give you something to show my appreciation.” 

A card of appreciation sent by a deployed soldier. (Mackie Schuler)

Hearing appreciation for these simple packages inspired me. Since then, the thought has always been in the back of my mind but nothing came into action until this school year. The support from several teachers at SJA, friends, and family helped me to get to the point where I am today. 

These men and women decide to protect their country by risking their lives then are ripped away from their families for months and sometimes years. These packages and letters give these men and women a sense of comfort on the battlefield. It brings a little piece of home overseas to their hearts. 

Hayes Vahling, my uncle, who has been deployed twice to Jordan and Iraq, was gushing about how the soldiers love and appreciate these packages. 

“These packages bring a sense of home to the soldiers who are all alone overseas,” Vahling said. 

Local police departments also will be receiving packages and baked goods. The officers serve the community and make sure that our towns and city is protected. First responders do not know what situation they are put into until they are in the middle of it. They accept this because they are protecting citizens and keeping the streets safe. 

Please consider donating or purchasing a sweatshirt so we can send love and give these men and women a sense of security and home while they are overseas. 

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About the Contributor
Mackie Schuler, PR Editor
Mackie is a Junior at SJA. This year she is the PR Editor and is very excited to promote The Voice. Mackie’s favorite subjects are English, History, and Government and Politics with Mrs. Koob. She is also an ambassador and loves promoting the school.  In her free time, she likes spending time with friends and family and listening to music.