Students feeling “Lucky” with Auction Raffle


St. joseph Academy Instagram

Sophomore students smile at the 2022 SJA Auction.

Bella Elpers, Senior Staff Writer

Every year in February, St. Joseph’s Academy hosts an auction to raise money for the school. This year, the auction will be held on Saturday, Feb. 25. One way the school raises money is through a student raffle. Throughout the winter months, each student is challenged to sell seven tickets to their friends and family members. Each $25 ticket purchased is a chance to win the grand prize of $10,000. 

The theme for the 2023 St. Joseph’s Academy auction and student raffle is “Luck of the Angels”. St. Joseph’s Academy has a schoolwide goal of raising $95,000 which is equivalent to 3,800 tickets. The SJA Philanthropy Club that works with the auction committee chairs throughout the year to organize the student raffle created a variety of incentives to motivate students to sell their raffle tickets and raise money for the school. Once a student sells their seven full-priced tickets, they are eligible to receive a pair of auction-themed sweatpants. Matching this year’s theme “Luck of the Angels,” the gray sweatpants feature a green shamrock. These sweatpants are available to be picked up in the auction office. 

Sophomore Kate Hulsen’s favorite part about selling her tickets is getting to dress out of uniform on what has been nicknamed, “Comfy Fridays.”

“Comfy Fridays are the best day of the week. I’m so glad I sold my raffle tickets so that I can wear my sweatpants at school,” Kate said. 

There are also cash prizes for the top ticket sellers. The student who sells the most tickets will receive a $150 Visa gift card, the second-place seller will receive a $100 gift card, and the third-place seller will receive a $50 gift card. Yet another creative incentive, any student who sells all seven of their tickets will be entered into a raffle to win a VIP parking spot at the front of school for the remainder of the school year. 

Last, but perhaps the best incentive, if the school reaches its goal of $95,000 in ticket sales, they will receive a celebratory day off school. 

Sophomore student volunteers working the SJA auction last year. (St. Joseph Academy Instagram)

Sophomore Jacqueline Jun, who has sold all of her raffle tickets, hopes the school is able to reach its goal.

“I would love to get a day off school so I can relax, sleep in, and watch Netflix,” Jacqueline said. 

The first grade to reach their individual goal of ticket sales also receives an additional day off. This year, the freshman class was the first to reach their goal and will receive a day off in the coming months. 

Students have one more month to sell their seven tickets, get a pair of auction sweatpants, earn a day off, and help their school reach its goal of raising $95,000.