Dealing with Boredom


Nina Kreikemeier

Ava Molli scrolling on TikTok because she is bored and tired of studying.

Nina Kreikemeier, Senior Staff Writer

Many St. Joe students can agree that they have experienced boredom.  Not that they’re always bored, since school work and social lives keep them busy, but sometimes, once all of their duties are done, there is extra time on their hands.  

While many say their go-to time filler is mindlessly scrolling on TikTok or other forms of social media, there are many other, more fun ways to spend time.  

Boredom can look different for everyone.  Many explain that when they are bored, it is because they have a lot of energy, but no activity to direct their energy towards.  Some common symptoms of boredom include an empty feeling or fatigue.  Boredom can be caused by low mental stimulation, inadequate nutrition, or lack of sleep.  

Some ways people might deal with boredom include reading, doing a creative activity, going for a hike or walk, baking or cooking, journaling, or exercising.  

Junior Emilia Bickle is very involved at St. Joe, so for the most part she keeps herself pretty busy.  But, in her downtime, she is occasionally overcome with boredom.

“I like to sleep, eat food, and workout whenever I am bored,” Emilia said.

Overall, these things help the time pass by quicker and make her happier. 

Junior Lexi Novak does not experience much free time during the week with school, but on the weekends she does find herself bored sometimes.  

“Watching TV or going on TikTok helps me pass time,” Lexi Novak said.  

She explained that she gets bored when studying and doing her homework, so she gives herself little breaks to indulge in these activities.  

The most crucial step to avoid boredom is keeping your mind and body active.  Filling time with activities will keep you from wasting it on Tiktok and on your couch.