Mix and Mingle



Junior Paige Jackson smiles at Chrismix.

Emma Hild, Senior Staff Writer

Chrismix is an all-school mixer where the girls and guys dress up in Christmas costumes and pajamas.  While finals were quickly approaching, these Angels let loose and had fun! Leading up to Chrismix were the 5 days of Christmas.  STUCO planned a full week including pajama day and sweet treats.  It was a great showing with almost all the senior and freshman classes going.  The seniors only had 40 people not buy a ticket!  The Dj was the same dj from the mother-daughter dance earlier in the year, which had rave reviews about how good they were.

Since it was the seniors last Chrismix, Senior Class President Jane Mortland had many thoughts about her last one. 

“My favorite part of the dance was seeing all the different grade levels mix together and dance!” Jane said.

While the dance was super fun, there was also a photo station with props.  The Angels and their dates had fun with signs, hats, and glasses to take funny pictures.

The dance floor is packed with all different grade levels dancing together! (Emma Hild)

STUCO Co-President senior Erin Voigt agrees that  this is a fun tradition before the stress of exams and a lot goes into the preparations. 

“It took a lot of effort to plan and set up but it was all worth it seeing the whole dance come together. I am so happy everyone had a lot of fun and I can’t thank everyone enough who helped make this event possible,” Erin said.

Chrismix is a great time to bond with classmates and other grade levels without having to get painstakingly dressed up.  It is a super fun event, so everyone should attend next year as well!