Discussing when Christmas Season Begins


Nina Kreikemeier

People can enjoy pre-made Christmas music playlists from Spotify

Nina Kreikemeier, Senior Staff Writer

As the cold weather rolls in, so do the Christmas spirits.  It’s around this time of year that many people begin listening to Christmas music in order to get in the spirit.  But, when should someone start listening to Christmas music?

Contrary to popular belief, I believe that Christmas music should begin on November 1.  The Christmas season is a very happy time for me, so I like to draw it out for as long as possible without overdoing it. 

While some people might think I am crazy, November 1st makes sense to me.  It is beginning to be cold outside, Halloween has passed, and sometimes it even snows in November!  Plus, November is a very happy month, full of family gatherings and many other festive activities.  I think during these times, Christmas music is appropriate.  It’s no longer summer, so country music is out of season, and halloween has passed so spooky tunes are also not going to be played.  

Majority of the population thinks that Christmas music should begin playing after Thanksgiving.  

Junior Victoria Stiegman and Sophomore Molly Pardeck both believe Christmas music should not begin before Thanksgiving.

“My birthday is on November 26, so I think I have to get past that and Thanksgiving before beginning to celebrate Christmas,” Victoria said.

“I think after Thanksgiving, Christmas music can be played.  The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, so it is fun to begin listening to Christmas music while doing some holiday shopping,” Molly said.

In the end, I think everyone should begin listening to Christmas music and participating in holiday festivities whenever they want.  The holiday season is a very joyful time that should be enjoyed whenever someone pleases.