Digging into “Legally Blonde”


Margie Edwards

Natalie Mcatee, Elle Woods, presenting her case in why she should get into Harvard.

Jenna Akins, Senior Staff Writer

Theatre has always been a big part of SJA. It has allowed students to express themselves through their theatrical talents. Every year there is a play, musical, and Boradway Review. This year the fall musical is “Legally Blonde”. 


The cast and crew have put all of their energy into this show over the last two months. This production has required students to give up lots of time into perfecting it. Rehearsals took place almost every weekday for two hours. During the two weeks leading up to the show, the students had rehearsal everyday weekday from 3:30-7:00. 


During the rehearsals, the students worked on their dances, their staging, their acting, and their vocals. Mrs. Janine Albes was the director who worked on the staging and acting aspects of the show. Ms. Nicki Tipton was the choreographer who came up with the very eye-catching dances. Mr. David Kowalczyk was the chorus director who helped all the actors with their outstanding vocals. Mr. Josh Noll was the behind the scenes of the musical. He worked on the technological aspect of the show. 


The show consisted of all grades and boys and girls. This allied the underclassmen get to know some upperclassmen. It allows the underclassmen to develop relationships with people they would not have known otherwise. These relationships allow the upperclassmen to help the underclassmen with anything they need whether it be theatre or school related because they were once in their shoes. 


Natalie Mcatee, senior, played Elle Woods and loved playing this role because she has played it before when she was younger. She also really enjoyed being able to meet the underclassmen and be a leader to 


“My favorite thing about the show would have to be finding the differences and similarities between this Legally Blonde and when I have been in it before. From the choreography being more advanced to my voice being more mature, many technical growths made the show amazing, unlike any other show St. Joe has done! It is also so fun getting to meet underclassmen and people I wouldn’t have met otherwise,” Natalie said. 

Natalie Mcatee and Jenna Akins taking a picture in the dressing room after closing night. (Erin Voight)

Maya Zimmerman, freshman, loved her first show at SJA. She loved the community and the way she felt so cared for by everyone in the cast. 


“My favorite part of rehearsal was definitely making new friends, especially with those who weren’t freshman. It was so fun to just like talk when we weren’t needed at the current moment, or to talk backstage,” Maya said. 


The show was very meticicoulsy planned it was shown in the performance. All the actors put in lots of time and effort but it all payed off in the end.