Shopping for Dresses for Dance Season



A group of St. Joe angels posing in their beautiful dresses for the Fall Ball dance.

Nina Kreikemeier, Senior Staff Writer

The dress-shopping season for St. Joe Angels started with St. Joe’s Fall Ball dance on September 23. Since then, St. Joe students have also gone to other schools’ homecoming dances. Most girls feel they have to buy multiple dresses for all of these dances.  

Lucy in the Sky is a favored online dress shop for homecoming season. This year, they experienced an overwhelming number of orders, causing many shipping problems. This delay caused shipping time to take a month. Girls who ordered from here then had to scramble at the last minute to get a dress.  

Junior Abby Dickson expressed her frustration with ordering her Fall Ball dress. 

“I ordered it on September 1st and did not receive it until October 2nd,” Abby said.  “But then I got my Hello Molly dress, which is another online dress store, in a week.”

Girls who did not want to go through the stress of dress shopping decided to borrow from friends. Borrowing alleviated the worry of shipping time or dresses coming in and not fitting correctly. By borrowing dresses from friends, they could borrow multiple at no cost. After trying them all on, they could pick one to wear that fit the best.  

Sophomore Molly Pardeck shared her thoughts on borrowing dresses for dances.

“It’s a good last-minute option to find a dress without any cost,” Molly said. “Borrowing dresses is a great alternative to buying a dress you only wear once. It is also less wasteful.”

If you decide to order from an online website, remember to give yourself much time for it to come in. If it does not get shipped in time, you can always resort back to borrowing from one of your friends.