Sibling Schools Mix it Up


Nic Hild

St. Joe and De Smet girls and boys dancing and having fun on Saturday the 10th at Desmet.

Emma Hild, Senior Staff Writer

On Saturday, September 10, the annual middle school mixer was put on by sibling schools St. Joe and DeSmet. Members from St. Joe’s and DeSmet’s current students helped by volunteering and making the event possible. 


Junior Annie Malloy was a chosen Angel Ambassador who attended and helped at this event by checking students in and taking photos.


“ After check-in, I helped in the gym and walked around to make sure kids were having fun and being safe.  I also just cleaned up a little and at the very end we all cleaned up and passed out shirts,” Annie said.


After not having the mixer for a few years due to COVID,  the event was popular and registrations completely filled up in just a few days.  Grades 6-8 were allowed to attend the social event that kicked off the fall back-to-school season. The girls registered on St. Joe’s website and the boys registered on DeSmet’s website for the event that included dancing, a DJ playing tunes, and snacks available for purchase.  Around 500 people signed up for this event that lasted from 7-9 pm and was held in DeSmet’s gymnasium.  


Junior Rory Williams has a younger sister, Cece Williams, who attended the mixer.  


“ It was really fun. I got to meet so many new people and the music was really good,” Cece said.


Senior Sydney Gibson also had a younger sister, Kate,  who attended. 


 “ It was super fun and I even went crowd surfing. It was cool to hang out with my friends and dance all night,” Kate said.


The mixer not only gave middle school students the chance to dance and have fun but also got to meet many new people.  Mixers like these help students build connections with other students from different grade schools. This helps immensely because when they get to high school, they may have already met some of the students in their classes and hopefully recognize a few familiar faces.  The events are important because there are numerous private high schools in St. Louis and it is nice for the boy’s and girls’ schools to collaborate and bring students together for a fun night!


Best highlights of the night according to attendees:

  • DJ playing God’s Plan
  • Getting other kids’ Snapchat
  • Meeting new people
  • Doing the worm dance move
  • Dancing in mosh pits
  • Snacks


St. Joe and De Smet students sing along to songs played at the mixer. (Nic Hild)