Planning What to do During the Four Day Weekend



Sophomore Claire Morrissey blocking a ball from going over the net

Nina Kreikemeier, Senior Staff Writer

Four-day weekends are a perfect way to ease back into school after Christmas break. Students look forward to doing many things during this long weekend.  

“I know we just got back from a long break, but sometimes these long weekends are very needed to relax and do things you enjoy,”  sophomore Emilia Bickel said.  

With these days off school, many students make plans to do fun things. Sometimes, seniors use this long weekend to go on last-minute college visits, while other students go on vacation.  

“I am looking forward to going snow skiing,” freshman Jaiden Beckman said.  

Some other activities St. Joseph’s Academy students enjoy doing on their days off might include sleeping, hanging out with friends, getting food, shopping, going to the gym, or playing sports.  There are lots of sporting tournaments going on this weekend, including volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse that many students are traveling to and participating in. Lastly, some St. Joe students will use this time off to get homework done.  

“I’ll be working,” senior Alyssa Yelton stated.  

She, and many other St. Joe students, will be productive and work on their days off.  

Teachers also really enjoy these days off. Many teachers look forward to resting and relaxing on these days off work, just like students.

“I have nothing planned, and I am excited,” Ms. Anna Hotop, the Campus Minister at St. Joe, said. 

Many also use this day to catch up on emails, grades, or have meetings.  

All in all, the past long weekend was a much needed break from the action, as school picks back up.