Waving Goodbye to One of Our Favorite Teachers


Margaret Sommers

Mr. Stein next to some portraits drawn by his engineering class

Maggie Mays, Social Media and Public Relations

One of St. Joe’s most beloved faculty members has announced that the 2021-2022 school year will be their last year of teaching. 

Mr. Clarence Stein, better known as Bud, will be transitioning into retirement next school year after 36 years of teaching at SJA. Throughout his time at St. Joe, Mr. Stein has taught a large variety of math classes including Algebra 1, regular and honors Geometry, Probability and Statistics, regular Algebra 2, and Engineering. Most recently, he has been teaching honors geometry and engineering (a double block, math and science credit course). Mr. Stein also founded the beloved Club Sandwich. He has been an influential member of the SJA community, to say the least.

Mr. Stein has appreciated a variety of things about teaching at St. Joe, particularly the fact that he was not restricted to one distinct style of teaching.

“My favorite part about teaching at St. Joe is the fact that they let me teach the way that I want to teach. I like the freedom of expression,” Mr Stein said.

While this may mark the end of his teaching career, Mr. Stein hopes to continue to be on the go. In the future, he and Mrs. Stein, who used to work in the counseling department at St. Joe, plan on traveling and spending quality time with their new granddaughter. He also plans to keep up hobbies such as woodworking, and work a part-time job at a nursery out on Manchester out in West County.

Senior Julia Castellano has taken both honors geometry as well as engineering with Mr. Stein. Julia is a conscientious student who has deep interest in both math and science.

“My favorite parts of Engineering were projects that allowed us the freedom to design our own construction. I loved thinking through the details, learning from past projects, and testing my unique product. In class, Mr. Stein was not afraid of failure and always encouraged us to be creative and experiment with our ideas,” Julia said.

Mr. Stein will also be missed by the faculty and staff after retirement,

“Bud is such a staple in the halls at St. Joe.  It’s going to be weird not having him here.  He will be missed,” Ms. Amy Hanson Summers, Computer Science and Engineering chair, said.

To say that Mr. Stein has made an impression on St. Joe is an understatement. Through his unique teaching methods, organization skills and attention to detail, leadership, and charismatic personality and wit, he has left an unwavering legacy at SJA that will not be forgotten.