Editor’s Recommendation: A Big Bend Block


Mary Dill

The Field Theory Store is located across the street from Civil Alchemy, on Big Bend Boulevard.

Mary Dill, Editor-in-Chief

After a year of no contact takeout, desperately avoiding stores, and triumphantly, or not so triumphantly, learning to bake from home, inquisitive students and teachers are looking for a refresh in 2022. From restaurants, to bakeries, to boutiques, St. Louis has thousands of unique places to try in the upcoming year. 

Traditionally, St. Louis is known for unforgettable food, fantastic tradition, and charming family feel. Located in the heart of Webster, just 15 minutes from St. Joseph’s Academy, lies a block of buildings and businesses to satisfy a trio of good food, tradition, and atmosphere. The Frisco Barroom, the Annex Coffee and Foods, Civil Alchemy Boutique, and Field Theory Outdoor Mercantile are family owned, and located just off of Lockwood in downtown Webster.

The Frisco Barroom is a restaurant that opened in 2018, and provides classic, rustic American food. 

Tammy Jury is a manager at the Frisco Barroom, and works to create a spirit of hospitality throughout the restaurant.

“I believe our food, above all, is what makes ‘the Frisco’ so special. The chef is so inspired with his spices and ingredients. We smoke our own meats, and our soups and deserts are all made from scratch. From the employees in our bakery on site, to the employees downstairs in the prep kitchen, everyone is so passionate about their work, and our food,” she said.

The Frisco offers indoor seating in the bar, the dining room, and in a private dining space upstairs. In addition, they have an outdoor patio with heaters, a firepit and blankets to stay accessible during the winter months.

Ms. Nicki Tipton, St. Joe’s dance and yoga instructor, and her partner have become somewhat of regulars.

“We love ‘the Frisco.’ We go a few times a month and there is always outdoor dining available,” she said of the space. “I love the menu, as well. The beef and barley soup is my favorite. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to recreate it in my kitchen. I even asked the waiter for the recipe!”

Just next door is the Annex Coffee and Foods. The space demonstrates a quaint coffee-shop feel, in addition to the resources of a larger market. They offer a full coffee and espresso bar, in addition to several gourmet non-alcoholic cocktails.

Senior Megan Nguyen prides herself on trying new places and cafes around the St. Louis area. Still, she finds that the Annex has become a local favorite.

“Personally, I go there at least three times a week. I’ve introduced it to several of my friends and now we’re all addicted,” she said. “It’s a great place to study. They have outdoor seating, even in the wintertime and it’s so cozy.”

Megan recommends their seasonal drink: golden milk. 

“It looks beautiful, and it tastes delicious,” she said.

Two doors down from the Annex, and a short walk from “the Frisco,” is the local family-owned boutique: Civil Alchemy. Civil Alchemy is a small store that provides functional, quality driven goods, including, but not limited to clothes, flowers, candles,wellness products, games and toys. 

Another side of the store is dedicated to premium, unique liqueurs and non-alcoholic beverages. 

Sophomore Eliza Kelly enjoys gifting unique things to her family and friends

“For two years in a row, I’ve visited Civil Alchemy in preparation for Mother’s Day. The floral arrangements are incomparable, though a bit pricey, and I always find something unique to give my mom,” Eliza said.

Recently, she claims to have visited Field Theory, which opened a few short months ago.

“Field Theory is a completely different store across the street. It has lots of high-end outdoor clothes, coffee table books and general gear for outdoorsy people,” she explained. “I’ll definitely visit for Father’s Day in July.”

St. Louis citizens have been so fortunate as to have great options for food and shopping, even through the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you’re looking for a new place to try, or need reminding of an old favorite, take this winter season to visit one of these four locations on Big Bend.