Getting to know Mrs. McIntire 


Mrs. McIntire, her husband Josh, and her daughter, Carrigan, cheesing for a family photo!

Lucie McMillen, Digital Photography Editor

Mrs. Caitlyn McIntire is one of the new faces in the faculty and is currently a part-time member of the St. Joe Theology Department.

 Mrs. McIntire grew up in Florissant, Missouri, and has one older brother. Her whole family lives in St. Louis, which she loves, because she loves being closely connected to them. She started a family of her own as well. After getting married five years ago, she started her own family. She and her husband, Josh, have an 18-month-old daughter named Carrigan with another baby on the way, to be due in February. And of course, she noted that we can’t forget about her furry friend as well, goldendoodle, Alby.

Mrs. McIntire went to Incarnate Word Academy High School, an all-girls high school in St. Louis. She said that she “played lacrosse and ran cross country when she was younger, and played basketball and soccer all throughout high school.” It was not until high school, however, that because she believed that her theology teacher at the time was the smartest person she had met, she became interested in theology. 

She continued with her newfound interest and went to St. Louis University, where she double majored in both English and Theology. She then ventured on to Boston College where she attended a masters program in Christianity and Judaism. At that point, Ms. McIntire wasn’t sure if that was really what she wanted to do. While she was thinking of getting her PhD., she decided to switch to taking a Bible class, where she needed two ancient and two modern languages. Mrs. McIntire then decided to venture on to the University of Notre Dame to learn those necessary languages. Notre Dame is where she met her husband and where she worked as a mentor for football players in the academic success center for student athletes. After her time at Notre Dame, she then became a teacher assistant, and moved back to St. Louis. 

She worked at Incarnate Word for seven years, coached lacrosse for four years, and coached cross country for six years. Originally a running club, the cross country team went to state four years. She did not originally come to Incarnate Word with the intention of coaching cross country, but when she was asked by the school, she said yes because of the previous experience she had gained when she started running herself in Boston. Mrs. McIntire mentioned that “running was very common and a big deal in Boston because of the Boston Marathon, so it kind of got me into running.” Mrs. McIntire used to run a lot in Boston and she still enjoys running today. 

Mrs. McIntire chose St. Joseph’s Academy because once she saw hiring positions, she had just updated her resume, so she decided why not? She had friends from high school at St. Joe who loved it. She “loved the school mottos, ‘Not I, But We,’ ‘Serving the Dear Neighbor Without Distinction,’ and the CSJ charisms.” She loves their messages and loves how St. Joe lives them out. After the first interview, she enjoyed the atmosphere. Once she found out that she had got offered the job, she took it. 

Primarily teaching freshmen, Mrs. McIntire has impacted many students in her class. 

“She is really sweet and she will always go out of her way to help any of her students. She makes class really fun, so I always look forward to it,” said freshman Anna Emmenegger. 

Freshman Kiran Rudd appreciates the different options Mrs. McIntire gives for work. 

“Overall, I’d say everyone enjoys her class. It’s always a mix of fun and work, which is different from any one of our other classes! She gives different options of different homework to complete, so you can choose what makes sense to you,” she said. 

Overall, it is clear Mrs. McIntire has been an amazing asset to the St. Joe community. We are so glad to have Mrs. McIntire as a part of our new faculty and we can’t wait for her to experience more of our St. Joe traditions! We can’t wait for her to really see how St. Joseph’s Academy lives out, “Not I, But We,” and is constantly looking for ways to serve our dear neighbors in our community!