St. Joseph’s Academy Art Show Displays Hard-work and Perseverance Provided by Various Students


St. Joe TV

Various art works are being displayed for the art show.

Bella Hong, Senior Staff Writer

The St. Joseph’s Academy art show took place on December 5. Students from various classes and clubs like National Honors Art Society, Ceramics I, Ceramics II, Painting I, and many more contributed different pieces to make the art show a success. Likewise, there were different projects including ceramic plates to portrait paintings to ceramic boxes. 

Throughout the semester, students were on projects in their class which then were showcased in the art show. In the National Art Honor Society, girls are required to create at least two pieces for the art show as well. 

Mrs. Amy Madej, art teacher, has contributed a large portion to the art show. She is in charge of Ceramics I, Ceramics II, Independent Art Study, Art Club, and National Art Honors Society. 

“The art show is a wonderful way to showcase all of the hard-work students have been working on throughout the semester. It highlights the variety of art classes, projects, and talents of all students,” Mrs. Madej said. 

Additionally, senior Cate Van Luven has been involved with different art classes and clubs at St. Joe. For one of her pieces, she created a beautiful portrait that caught the attention of many viewers.
“It is a self-portrait and is about gender and confidence. I added some 3D establishments, like the crown and shirt, for fun, and to add more dimension to the piece. In the end, I had to rush the painting so the hair is not where I wanted it to be, as well as some other aspects of it,” Cate said. 

Senior Claire Galli also contributed to the art show as well. As a part of Independent Art Study and National Art Honor Society, she exceeded many expectations.

“My favorite piece that I created was my controversial fashion painting. I was inspired to create this piece to show how the fashion world has to overcome some of the controversy behind clothing,” Claire said.