Choosing St. Joe


Margie Edwards '98

Current St. Joe students welcome incoming freshmen and their families.

Liv Brusatti, Senior Staff Writer

The theme of the first “St. Joe Night” in October of 2021 was “Why St. Joe?”The night offered a chance for prospective students to ask current students why they chose St. Joe. Now, as acceptance letters have arrived,  it is time to ask the incoming Class of 2026 the same question.

St. Joe annually draws in a myriad of eighth-grade students, consistently attracting large groups of students for its next freshman class. With incoming freshmen from nearly all of St. Louis’s city and county, along with Illinois and St. Charles, the admission team’s success is undeniable.

This year, Gabriella Brusatti, a current eighth-grader at St. Ambros,e chose St. Joe above all others. She made her decision after taking a tour during her seventh-grade year, a shadow visit during her eighth-grade year, and visiting during Open House as an eighth-grader. Gabriella’s interests include theater, singing, and volleyball. Some of her favorite subjects include English and history. 

I chose St. Joe because when I walked in it instantly felt like home–I could feel all the love and support for one another. I genuinely love all the aspects that St. Joe has to offer” she said.

Gabriella’s parents were equally impressed with St. Joe. After tours, visits, and research, St. Joe’s atmosphere and opportunities provided a clear decision on where to attend high school. Gabriella’s mother Judith and father Christopher both expressed their immense awe of St. Joe.

“From a parent’s perspective, we were impressed with everything: the Campus Ministry team, the challenging curriculum, and the inclusive extracurricular activities, to name a few. St. Joe clearly embodies the spirit needed to help these young women succeed,” Mrs. Brusatti said.

St. Joe alumna and teacher Mrs. Cori Sallaberry, Class of 1996, has an incoming freshman daughter. Molly Sallaberry, currently enrolled at St. Gabriel, is excited to join the class of 2026, meaning she will graduate exactly 30 years after her mother. She has been surrounded by St. Joe her whole life, due to her mom’s involvement in the St. Joe community.

“My mom is an alumna and teacher, so I have pretty much grown up wanting to be an Angel! When I shadowed, I felt so at home–like I really belong at St. Joe. I am excited to experience all of the traditions and make new friends!” Molly said.

Whether the class of 2026 is beginning a legacy or continuing an old one, the memories they will experience will remain highlights for their entire lives. Whether they cherish their junior ring, mission week clothes, or memories most, the class of 2026 is sure to gain great memories in their four years at St. Joe.