Introducing one of St. Joseph’s Academy’s Newest Teachers: Mrs. Stewart


Mrs. Steward

Mrs. Steward a new Biology teacher and her son.

Brighton McDaniel, Senior Staff Writer

Mrs. Rachel Steward is the new Biology teacher here at St. Joseph’s Academy. She is currently a part time teacher; so, she is able to spend more time with her kids. Her kids are of the ages one, three, and four years old. 

Mrs. Steward previously taught in the Rockwood school district for six years. When her kids were first born she took time off from teaching and it was not until this year that she came back to the profession. Mrs. Steward wanted to spend as much time with them as possible since they are young.  When she is at home with her kids, she enjoys cooking and playing outside with them and her three dogs. 

Not only is Mrs. Steward in education, so is her husband.  Her husband currently works at in Parkways school district as a counselor. Mrs. Steward has always taught science, specifically Biology, and loves teaching the subject. 

Mrs. Steward has a passion for teaching and being in the classroom.

“I love all science and could just not stay away from teaching,” she said.

Mrs. Steward gives all she has when she is teaching, and like other teachers truly cares about her students. She has a caring personality and deep passion for teaching and she wants to share this passion with her students.  One of Mrs. Steward’s favorite parts of teaching is seeing her students develop their learning and seeing the click that goes in their head when they finally understand the concept that is being taught. 

One of her students, freshman Luciana Venetis, loves Mrs. Steward’s biology class. 

“I love how encouraging and loving she is. She is a very understanding teacher and makes learning fun,” she said.

Looking back on the first semester, Mrs. Steward had a really good one. She loved St. Joe climate and culture, and also her students. She thoroughly enjoyed teaching the young minds first semester and can not wait to continue doing so.  Mrs. Steward’s favorite part about St. Joe is the community and how loving everyone is. Mrs. Steward’s plans on staying for many years to come.