Reviewing Cup of Joe’s Seasonal Drinks


Liv Brusatti

Latte art in a peppermint white chocolate mocha.

Liv Brusatti, Senior Staff Writer

Periodically, Cup of Joe, St. Joe’s student-run coffee shop, debuts ‘Barista’s Choice’ drinks, with innovative ideas all credited to Cup of Joe’s baristas. Cup of Joe’s current drink, as of late November, is an iced peppermint white chocolate mocha, created by junior Jordan Wilson. This drink, perfect for the holiday season, has been received very well. With hundreds of orders, this latte is loved by both students and staff alike.

While Erika Starzyk and Luciana Venetis, frequent Cup of Joe patrons, were ordering, Cup of Joe employee Grace Bradley, recommended them the seasonal beverage. When Grace, a current senior, tried the drink after its debut, she immediately fell in love.

“As someone who has worked at Cup of Joe since freshman year, and has drinks often, flavors can get repetitive after a bit, so having a seasonal drink can spice up the selection. This drink is a quick way to get me into the Christmas spirit, even though I’m a Scrooge,” Grace said.

After the recommendation, freshmen Erika and Luciana obliged without much dispute, both ordering the mocha. The baristas crafted their drinks and anxiously awaited their review. They tried it and were instantly impressed.

“Its flavors are balanced–there isn’t too peppermint or too much white chocolate,” Erika explained. “I would recommend and I will definitely come back and have it again”.

“This white mocha is exquisite, I hope I can get these more often!” Luciana said.

With previous Barista’s Choice drinks including a turtle frappe, a pumpkin pie frappe, and now a peppermint white chocolate mocha, Cup of Joe continues to put out creative drinks which the students adore. The drink is seasonal–meaning it is not permanent, likely being switched once St. Joe students return from Christmas break. So, trust Jordan and the countless satisfied customers who adore this drink and visit Cup of Joe right away.