Cool Interiors in Colder Weather: St. Louis Restaurant Edition


Lilly Skaggs

Croissants at Fiddlehead Fern Cafe!

Lilly Skaggs, Senior Staff Writer

WalletHub ranked St. Louis as the “16th Best Foodie City” in America. St. Louis is surely one of the top cities when it comes to food and restaurants, but even St. Louis natives do not know some of the coolest spots to find warmth in the cooler months ahead of us. So look no further than this list of some of the most superiorly designed restaurants in the St. Louis area: 


  • Polite Society 

Polite Society is located in the historical Lafayette Square neighborhood and provides a warm environment. The menu ranges from shrimp and grits to a classic burger. This restaurant has brunch, lunch, and dinner! The meals range from $15-$30. 


  • Yellowbelly 

Yellowbelly is located in the Central West End. This is a modern restaurant inspired by the relaxation of a seaside getaway. The typical menu item at Yellowbelly is some sort of seafood. The meals range from $10-45. 

Senior Ellie Guenther often eats at Yellowbelly/

“This restaurant  [is] so adorable, the interior really drove my family and I in. It was full of bright and colorful features throughout,” Ellie said. 


  • C. Oliver Coffee and Flower Bar
  1. Oliver Coffee and Flower Bar is a popular cafe located in the Galleria Mall or in Maplewood! Their menu consists of many different types of coffee. The aesthetic flower wall at the Maplewood location has become a popular backdrop for people’s instagrams. The interior of the cafe is bright, pretty, and welcoming. 


  • Union Loafers 

Union Loafers is located in the Tower Grove neighborhood. This corner spot’s waitlist keeps getting longer and longer because everyone wants to eat at Union Loafers. The lunch menu typically is made up of sandwiches while pizza is their dinner speciality. If you love bread, this restaurant is a must. It’s interior is wooden, urban, and provides a wonderful ambience. 


  • Fiddlehead Fern Cafe 

Fiddlehead Fern Cafe is a sweet and comforting cafe located in the Shaw neighborhood. Their menu consists of different pastries to delicious lattes. The interior is bright with natural lighting and big windows. Plants surround this earthy cafe. 


  • Grace Meat and Three 

Grace Meat and Three is a chicken-loving restaurant located in the Tower Grove area. If you love southern comfort food and perfected fried chicken, Grace Meat and Three is the restaurant for your winter escape. 


  • Coma Coffee 

Coma Coffee is a coffee shop located in Richmond Heights. It’s menu ranges from breakfast foods to dinner to signature coffees. Natural lighting is of the utmost importance when coming to Coma Coffee and big windows make the space feel warm. 

Senior Emmy Schenk, loved the environment Coma Coffee offered. 

“I remember Coma Coffee had amazing natural lighting with friendly workers,” Emmy said. 


If you ever find yourself wanting a warm escape with delicious food and cool interiors try these or other local St. Louis independently owned restaurants.  Let us know which ones you like!