The Voice Staff and Editors Greet the SJA Community

Olivia Hattrich, Senior Staff Writer

The staff and editors of The Voice have recently begun work on great new editions of the website as well as the print edition. With many new staff members, all of the teams are stronger than ever this year. 

Senior Mary Dill, Editor in Chief, has been working on The Voice since she was a freshman.

“I truly don’t think I’ve ever worked with a stronger group of writers and editors. I’m so excited to see the amazing work we can put out for SJA this year,” she said. 

The team of layout editors includes Julia Rhodes as the Digital Managerial Editor; Lizzie Balestreri as the Print Managerial Editor,; Grace Kelly as the Print Layout Editor,  Erin Voigt as the Digital Layout Editor. Together, the editors will work to provide a visually appealing and interesting newspaper for the SJA community. 

Brighton McDaniel will be working as the Sports editor, representing the athletics at SJA. 

The art team includes Ava Perreand as the Art Editor;  Lucie McMillen as the photography editor; Ellie Davenport and Heidi Gaertner  as the assistant art and photography editors. These Angels will collect art submissions and incorporate them into the newspaper, showcasing the artwork of SJA. 

Maggie Mays will manage social media and public relations. 

The extensive list of Senior Staff Writers includes Frankie Schuman, Ellie Kerkoff, Lilly Skaggs, Liv Brusatti, Katie Wilke, Kate Bittle, Nina Keikemeier, Olivia Hattrich, Emma Hild, Bella Hong, and Taylor Dunn. These writers will submit several articles per month to the digital and print editions.

 “Being a senior staff writer is one of my favorite parts of going to St. Joe!” Senior Katie Wilke said.

The Voice staff is a welcoming and hardworking community eager to release entertaining and informative articles for SJA. Remember, anyone can submit to The Voice and get involved, with the writing pieces being featured in its digital or print editions.