Discovering Yourself through the Sports Community


Paul Kopsky

Senior Libby Kreikemeier chases after a ball against a dual with Lafayette.

Bella Hong, Senior Staff Writer

At St. Joe, sports play a huge role in the community as a whole. With many banners in the gym, the community has accomplished more than anyone could have expected. There are many girls at St. Joe who partake in sports, including myself. 

I started playing tennis when I was eight years old. Who knew I would still be playing now, let alone playing number three on St. Joe’s tennis team. My tennis career has never been simple to say the least. Playing for nine years has never been an easy road mentally or physically. 

As a freshman, I played tennis at Oakville High School – a public school in my area. There, I struggled to love the sport as my coach and teammates were never supportive. I had never thought I would think about quitting the sport in which I used to be obsessed. This is when I transferred to St. Joe, and this is how my life has changed. 

Transferring to St. Joe has given me so many more new and exciting opportunities. From making friends, to getting a shot at a state championship, I will forever be grateful for this opportunity. 

Senior Ellie Choate, number two on the Girls’ Tennis team, has quite the reputation as a three-time state champion. She is going for her fourth state title.

“The sports community at St. Joe has given me a family outside of my own. Truly a home away from home. Aside from the girls that I am privileged to call my teammates, the sports community has provided me with opportunities to grow on and off the court,” she said. 

Additionally, senior Libby Kreikemeier plays varsity vield hockey, and has been playing all four years at St Joe. Libby believes St. Joe has given her a lot as well. 

“It has taught me to overcome negativity. Sports bring a lot of good to our lives but sometimes they can be tough too. I have learned how to deal with the negativity,” she said.

The sports community at St. Joe is not necessarily just playing the sport you love; you also get to make unbreakable bonds and become friends with people you have never met before. As I joined the tennis team, everyone was so welcoming, and it didn’t take long for me to build relationships. Not only did I get to build relationships with my teammates, I got to build relationships with my coaches as well. 

The coaches at St. Joe have given me a new perspective and a different way of thinking. This doesn’t just have to be for tennis. I’m sure that many can agree with the fact that the different coaches here can only make us learn and grow to be the best student-athlete we can be. 

Aside from building relationships, the community has made me become more organized and has helped me mentally. It is tough to attend school all day, then go to practice, then afterwards complete what seems like endless hours of homework. Playing a sport has revealed my level of work ethics. In a way, it forces me to push myself to be able to receive good grades and to get my work done on time. I admit that sometimes I want to give up, but I have to think about my future and what I want to be able to achieve. 

 All in all, the sports community at St. Joe can give you more than you can imagine. From personal experience, I was able to thrive and become a better version of myself. There are many ways to benefit from the sports community through teammates, coaches, etc. Not only will you be able to discover others, but you will be able to discover your true self as well.