Learning More about the St. Joseph’s Academy Student Council


Mrs. Bisch

The STUCO team during Welcome Week, after revealing the t-shirt design and the Freshman hats.

Nina Kreikemeier, Staff Writer

Student Council has always been a fun and honored opportunity at St. Joseph’s Academy.  The 2021-2022 STUCO team is excited to make this year one to remember.  The executive board consists of  Libby Kreikemeier as president, Megan Ngyuen as vice president, Alyssa Yelton as comminishiner of communications, Sarah Miner as a social media representative, Olivia Spolitto as a social media representative, Sydney Schlanger over public relations, and Kelsey Everitt as commissioner of philanthropy.  They all work together to plan fun events and surprises for the school.  Some things they have done so far this year include the field day, Fall Ball, and Welcome Week.  

Libby is excited for the year.

“Usually I would feel overwhelmed with a job like this, but I do not feel this way at all,” she said. “I am luckily supported by a team that is very willing to help out.”

Libby explained how they are planning lots of fun things to rebuild the community and bring back some school spirit.  She said that after a COVID school year, the Student Council feels lucky to have fewer restrictions and the ability to do more school activities.  Libby is particularly excited that community time is back this year.  As president, she is in charge of leading each community time and making announcements on behalf of the student body at St. Joe.  She is glad to have this opportunity to lean out of her comfort zone and take charge.

All of the students on the Student Council at St. Joe say it is a great way to be involved.  

Sophomore Victoria Stiegman is serving her first year on the Student Council as a class representative.

“ It is a positive environment to have fun, make new friends, and develop leadership skills,” Victoria said.

Sophomore Renee Olateru is also a representative of the sophomore class.

“I have had so much fun being involved in different events at St. Joe so far this school year,”  she said.

 The STUCO team has been working hard to make this school year better, and they look forward to the participation of the entire St. Joseph’s Academy community to make this happen.