St. Joe Alumnae Welcoming and Bringing in New Students


Maddie Bookout

Some girls from the class of 2022 showing off their beautiful new rings after their ceremony!

Liv Brusatti, Senior Staff Writer

The alumnae of St. Joe has always been strong with its total living population climbing to more than 8,800. Because of this strong, supportive and lively community, girls continue to feel welcomed and drawn to attend St. Joe. These wonderful women live in 14 countries and all 50 states in the U.S., where they continue to inspire the legacy left in the care of current students. The accomplishments of alumnae and the places they go are celebrated by their mentors, teachers, and successors. 

Though not every family has a connection, there is always the hope that current students will be seeds for future alumni connections. Even if only one family member or friend chooses to be part of the St. Joe mission, they can establish a legacy that future generations will be proud of. The great experiences of current students can develop further into a long-lasting legacy of future St. Joe students. 

Christine Winter ‘92 is an alumna and the mother of freshman Frannie Winter. 

“[I heard] about St. Joe and all the amazing things [my mom] did there. As I was making my decision about coming to St. Joe…I went and shadowed to see it for myself, and afterward, I walked out and knew that this would be the perfect school for me,” she said.

Because of the experiences of Frannie’s mother, she knows how great St. Joe is, and  her experiences only further emphasized that. Experiences and connections like these can be the foundation from which large and lasting legacies will be built. 

Junior Bridget Sharp has quite the list of legacies. Her grandmother, mother, two aunts, four sisters, and four cousins all graduated from St. Joe. 

The large legacy in her family “[reflects] St. Joe providing a community of comfort, peace, and support that I believe is difficult to find in other places,” Bridget said.
Because of the positive and uplifting experiences Bridget and her family members have had, she knew that the environment of St. Joe would be a perfect dynamic for her. Being aware that every interaction, event, and conversation could impact the impressions of students is why being “St. Joe worthy” is so important. This is a term used often by Principal of Student Affairs Karen Davis to represent the social, academic, and cultural norms expected of the students at St. Joseph’s Academy. 

Eliza Kelly, a current sophomore, has an alumna mother, Jenn Kelly ‘93, and an older sister, Grace Kelly ‘22, who is a current senior. 

Eliza’s experiences were a lot of fun because she knew about SJA her whole life.

 “Now, I get to experience some of the same traditions [my mom] got to experience. As for my sister, I love seeing her in the halls and having her at events. It’s nice to have someone who knows the ins and outs of the school. My favorite thing about all of us going to SJA is that every one of us had Mr. Stein,” Eliza says. 

St. Joe’s welcoming environment, thanks to teachers like Math and CSE Teacher Bud Stein,  provides a worthwhile education and a lasting impact.  Mr. Stein encourages students to urge their family, friends, and one day, even, their children to make history at St. Joe. 

Social Studies Teacher Allison Koob is a St. Joe aluma from the class of ‘88.. This year, she was welcomed back to the campus but, now, as a social studies teacher rather than as a student. 

“My takeaway from SJA as a student was the motto ‘Not I But We,’” Mrs. Koob said. “That motto has been one of the guiding forces throughout my life. When I chose to come back to the Academy, I realized that I was truly coming home- even though many things had changed, the most important things remained. SJA forever!” 

This further exemplifies the long lasting impression that St. Joe has on its students: a life changing experience. The lessons each student gleans from her time at St. Joe will last a lifetime.