Knowing 2021-2022 Sophomore Dates


Claire Price

The senior class dash to buy clothes first during St. Joe’s Mission Week.

Taylor Dunn, Senior Staff Writer

Hello Sophomores, the SJA year has finally begun. Which also means important dates are coming up. This year will be full of both traditional and fun events that we weren’t able to experience last year, so get excited! As sophomore Emily Allen said, “I really enjoy pep rallies because I feel that our whole class comes together and that’s cool.”


September 3: Early Dismissal 

September 6: Labor Day (No school)

September 7: Campus Ministry/Club Week

September 14: SO Parent Level Mtg. 5:30p followed by SO Parent Social

October 9: Angel Fest/ Reunion Weekend Mass at 4:30p

October 13: No classes

October 15: Fall break (no school) CSJ Founder’s day

October 19: Counseling Presentation

October 28: father/daughter mass 7:30-8:30a, class begins at 9a

November 1: Mass: All saints day (wear vests) and Basketball tryouts begin

November 2: Penny Queen forms due 2:50p

November 8:Class begins at 9a; Swim/dive tryouts begin

November 11: Sophomore College Advising 

November 14: Mission Week Begins; Service Sunday Mass 9a

November 15: Mission Week Kick-off (No Lace) 

November 19: Mass and Faculty Show, dismissal 12p

November 22-26: no school 

November 30: Giving Tuesday  

December 3: Fall service hours due                                       

December 7: Sophomore Dance Info                              

December 8: Mass (wear vests)

December 17: Stop day (teachers available 8:15a-1p)


Students seem to be looking forward  to this year and as sophomore Melanie Beers puts it perfectly, “I am looking forward to everything going back to normal and everyone coming back together!”