Meeting Mr. Vittoe


St. Joe

Mr. Robert Vittoe

Frankie Schuman, Senior Staff Writer

St. Joe is grateful to have a variety of new staff members teaching this year, one of these new teachers is Mr. Robert Vittoe. Mr. Vittoe is specialized in many science classes and is currently teaching classes in Chemistry, and both AP and regular Physics. He has six degrees in a variety of studies including Business, Physics, Mathematics and Space Studies. With years of experience in many different fields, St. Joe is excited to introduce this valuable teacher. 

Starting from the beginning, Mr. Vittoe grew up in the metropolitan area and lived in Indianapolis for almost 16 years. He always loved to teach, so he bounced between teaching high school and college courses. After receiving his degree in Space Studies, with a focus on aerospace, he was able to teach lectures and lab courses. 

He took a slight career shift when he began working at Washington University. Though he enjoyed the position, he was doing more administrative work when he preferred to be in the classroom. It was after this position that Mr. Vittoe came to St. Joe. 

“I’m most excited to talk about science all day, I couldn’t think of anything better,”  he said. 

After more than 15 years of teaching, St. Joe is excited to have a teacher with such a wide range of knowledge and experience. His students are equally thrilled to have him. Junior Amanda Favazza is a student in his Physics class this year. 

“He has a very interactive classroom that keeps me looking forward to being there,” Amanda said. 

St. Joe is lucky to have found such a devoted teacher. When you see him in the hall, don’t hesitate to give Mr. Vittoe a warm and worthy St. Joe welcome!