Creating a Fall Bucket List

Julia Rhodes, Digital Managerial Editor

It feels as if the summer of 2021 was a blur. Surprisingly, the fall season is right around the corner! There are lots of things to do this fall as the world will hopefully be getting back to as normal as possible. The students and staff at St. Joe have a few wonderful ideas of where to go and what to do to celebrate the change in seasons.

Junior Natalie McAtee has an age-old tradition of going to ‘The Great Forest Park Balloon Race’ every year. This is a massive event held in Forest Park with lots of food trucks, concessions, live music, and a massive balloon glow where they launch lots of glowing hot air balloons into the night sky. Last year, Natalie actually got to go up in one of these balloons.

 “It was so amazing to be up there,” Natalie said. “It really felt like a childhood dream come true.” 

This year’s race will be held September 17 through 18.

Another amazing event held during the Fall here is the ‘Taste of St. Louis.’ This is a free event that is said to “feature 25 of St. Louis’ most diverse brick-and-mortar restaurants, live music & more at Ballpark Village.” Someone who can vouch for this is junior Lucie McMillen.

 Lucie describes herself as a foodie, meaning someone who loves food and trying new things more than the average person.

“It is the perfect event for anyone who likes good food- even if you’re picky,” Lucie said. “I highly recommend going!” 

Lucie and many others will be at this fun event on September 24 through 26 in downtown St. Louis.

One of the last events and a favorite of many is ‘Fright Fest’ at Six Flags St. Louis. This is an incredibly fun fall activity; however, it is not for the weak of heart. At night from September 24 through October 31, zombies and ghouls take over the park and create a frightening but fun evening for those who dare to go. There are also haunted houses and Halloween-themed shows displayed all throughout the park. It is one of the most fun and nerve-wracking events all at the same time.

These events and many more will surely keep one having fun all throughout this Fall season. Fall of 2021 is sure to be the best one yet, especially here at St. Joe.