Everyone is Buzzing About Freshman Day!


Ava Perreand

St. Joe’s Class of 2025 enjoying their Freshman Day along with their upperclassmen leaders!

Erin Voigt, Digital Layout Editor

On August 11, 2021, SJA hosted its annual Freshman Day, welcoming the class of 2025 into the SJA community. This spirit-filled event was planned by the Campus ministry team; however, all students were invited to come and welcome the new freshmen. 


Ms. Anna Hotop, the Director of Campus Ministry, worked with the Campus ministry team to organize the events and themes for Freshmen Day. In accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines, she was able to create a day that was both fun and safe for everyone involved.


I am so grateful to the students, faculty, and staff who worked so hard to make Freshman Day such a fun and welcoming experience for our newest Angels. SJA is such a special place and I love that the Class of 2025 really got to see our ‘Not I, But We’ spirit lived out on this day. I think the joy, energy, and community feeling that we had on Freshman Day can still be felt today!” Ms. Hotop stated.


As one of the most beloved traditions at St. Joe, the Campus ministry team knew they had to make this Freshmen Day one to remember. This year’s theme was “Honey, I’m Home!” The upperclassmen came dressed in their best bee and honey wear including flowers, honey pots, and of course bumblebees. 


Junior Anna Wingbermuehle was one of the volunteers and main coordinators of Freshman Day. 


The theme, ‘Honey, I’m Home’ is what we hope our new Angels think when they step into St. Joe. Many students say that SJA is their second home, and we want the new freshmen to feel the same way!” she said.


The day began with the older students greeting the new freshmen as they drove around the school. Then they went to the gym to meet with their small groups and play fun games such as “Ships and Sailors” and “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” The freshmen were led by their upperclassmen leaders around the school in a scavenger hunt, all the while bonding with their fellow classmates.


Freshman Anabelle Hawkins enjoyed the day.


My favorite part of Freshman Day was knowing that I was about to start to have more freedom when it comes to school and being able to learn how to balance that freedom with responsibility,” Anabelle said. “I loved meeting all of my classmates, and St. Joe really feels like my new home”