Bella Buebendorf awarded the CSJ Justice for the Dear Neighbor Award


Bella Buebendorf

Lily Pingleton, Senior Staff Writer

Senior Bella Buebendorf was presented the CSJ Justice for the Dear Neighbor Award. Bella is the first recipient of this award.  

This award recognizes a student who embodies the mission and charism of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph by bringing loving unity to a divided world. She has modeled- through her attitude and work- a commitment to educate, advocate and take action in order to achieve unity of neighbor with neighbor and neighbor with God, so that all may be one. Inspired by the ministry of the CSJs, this student has demonstrated an ability to respond to the needs of the times by defending the human dignity of all persons rooted in the gospel to call for social justice.

Bella Buebendorf is honored to receive this award. 

“It means that my work is making a difference and that people are noticing. This is one of my biggest goals in my advocacy work,” Bella said. 

Bella is an officer of the Diversity Club at the Academy. The club itself focuses on education and action. The club invites its members to recognize the truth of each other’s lived experiences and to represent and include all people’s experiences. The Diversity Club plans and participates in events throughout the school year that raise awareness for diversity.

Diversity Club member Julia Castellano enjoys working with Bella.

“As the president of the Diversity Club, she sets the perfect example of an assertive leader who cares about making an impact on the school for current students and those to come,” Julia said.

Bella Buebendorf is passionate about advocating for the black community and encouraging fellow students to support diversity.

Diversity Club member Amelia Schneider is inspired by Bella’s hard work and determination. 

“Bella constantly inspires not only our team of Diversity Club officers but the entire St. Joe community as well,” Amelia said. “Even when faced with opposition and adversity, Bella continues the work that is so important in our school.”

Bella offers some wise advice to the student body through her work.

“As a member of the black community, I try my best to educate the school about things that we may not regularly be exposed to,” Bella said. “Find a cause you’re passionate for. Work hard to stay educated on everything you can and know it’s okay to make mistakes. You won’t know everything.”

As a great leader in our school community, Bella Buebendorf has worked hard to bring awareness to diversity. She is very deserving of her win to the CSJ Justice for the Dear Neighbor Award Bella Buebendorf.