Athlete Spotlight: Showcasing Ella Kertz


Anna Carollo

Ella Kertz (right) and her twin sister Grace Kertz (left) after winning first place in the district championship in 2019

Anna Carollo, Digital Managerial Editor

Senior Ella Kertz has played soccer at St. Joe for the past three years and continues her high school soccer career this season as well. Ella is 5’1” and while she may seem small, her height by no means limits her vision, physicality, and skill on the soccer field. This 2021 season is her third year on Varsity, after playing for JV her freshman year. Ella plays center midfield, and she acts a primary player for the team in assists and goals.

Ella plays club soccer for Lou Fusz soccer club where she also stands out as a talented player. She and her sister work well together in creating scoring opportunities for her teammates. In fact, her twin sister Grace Kertz likes working with Ella on the field.

“Ella is always a big help to me on the field. If I lose the ball, I know that she has me covered. Also, there are many times where we both connect passes for goals. I’ll cross the ball to her, and she will finish it,” Grace said.

Outside of the soccer field, Ella is very studious and dedicated to her academic success. Most people who personally know Ella know that Ella has extremely good time management skills. Teachers and classmates never doubt that her work is finished. 

Senior Lauren DeGrand always comments on Ella’s determination to be productive with her day.

“If I am ever in a class with Ella and we have free time, I know Ella is getting her work done. I am always jealous of her motivation. On top of that, if I ever need help with an assignment, I know that she will help guide me to the right answer,” Lauren explained.

She takes many honors classes; her favorite class she has ever taken was Psychology with Mr. Yorg. She also participates in a variety of clubs, including National Honor Society, Club Happy, HERstory, and Beta Chi Pi. Ella is a co-president of HERstory and an officer of Beta Chi Pi.

Additionally, she plans on majoring in business in college. Although, she is unsure about which college she will be attending. Wherever she chooses to go, she will undoubtedly take her motivation and time management skills with her. 

Ella will be a key part of the St. Joe soccer team this year, and the St. Joe community will continue to cheer on the Angels throughout the season as it progresses.