Raffle ticket sales benefit our school


SJA students with their auction shirts.

Julia Rhodes, Senior Staff Writer

The annual auction season is here once again. St. Joe is starting 2021 off strong with its annual $10,000 raffle. All of the money raised in this raffle goes towards general operations and scholarships for girls who would not be able to attend SJA without the support. 

Each student receives a personal link that she can send to family, friends, business associates, and anyone else who would like to buy a ticket. Each ticket is $25, and if one person buys four tickets, she gets a fifth one free. The all-school goal is to raise $80,000, with each class having individual goals. The school has sold 69 percent of its goal and raised $55,100 altogether as of February 3rd. 

The freshmen are in the lead at 94 percent of their goal with 688 tickets sold and the sophomores are right behind at 65 percent with 611 tickets sold. In third place are the seniors who have sold 408 tickets and are at 59 percent of their goal and in last are the juniors at 57 percent of their goal with 427 tickets sold. The percentages keep going up every day. The prize for the class that achieves its goal first is a day off of school. If the whole school meets their goal an additional day off will be given. The top ticket sellers as of February 3rd are senior Sam Mueller who’s sold 40 tickets, sophomore Maeve Stuckey at 32 tickets, and sophomore Sophia Collins with 31 tickets.

“I love the friendly competition between classes and selling tickets to help St. Joe,” Sophia said.

There was recently a Tik Tok challenge that helped promote the auction and sell raffle tickets. The goal was to make a Tik Tok and submit it to Grace Lopiccolo and Taylor Polcyn. The only requirements were that the sound was completely appropriate, the video followed COVID-friendly guidelines, and it had to be St. Joe worthy. The Tik Tok with the most likes by Wednesday, January 21st won a $50 Starbucks gift card. The winner of the Tik Tok challenge was junior Payton Fisher.

St. Joe is continuing to raise money for such a worthy cause. Academic scholarship recipient sophomore Natalie McAtee discussed the importance of raising money for future scholarship students.

“I and all girls who receive scholarships are grateful,” Natalie stated. 

Every year, the students and staff never disappoint with their enthusiasm in the class and individual competitions to sell raffle tickets and raise money for their school. The final amount of money raised at the auction is guaranteed to be astounding.