Practicing peace and joy in the New Year following the Presidential Inauguration

This is one of the previous inaugurations, a photo was taken of the white house during the ceremony.

Credit to Amazon Images

This is one of the previous inaugurations, a photo was taken of the white house during the ceremony.

Rosie Johnson, Social Media Editor

This year, the Presidential Inauguration took place January 20, welcoming our current President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris is the first female ever to grace the position of vice president in United States history. With that said, the election had caused a tense stir in the atmosphere when it came to politics. Though having contrasting opinions on politics is completely normal, one thing that both sides can agree on is that respecting each political party should be something that should not be taken lightly. Even if someone does not necessarily agree upon certain political views or decisions, respecting peer views and opinions should remain something to be considered and practiced this year as the presidential figure shifts. 

Back in grade school, most people learned how important the word respect was, yet this year that word has so much more of an impact and meaning. Whether wearing a mask or engaging in political conversation, it is important to remember. Furthermore, giving consideration and attention to opinions that differ is the key to showing respect among all. Also valuing the other side no matter what, even if you do not agree, respect that person’s opinion just as any person would want someone to respect his or her own. Also re-examining the St. Joe norms is another way to polish individual charisma to the world (See below). Regarding the inauguration and the future of our nation, continue to respect all political opinions as anyone should respect any president or individual for that matter.

St. Joe Cultural Norms

  1. Assume Positive Intent
  2. Speak From “I” Perspective
  3. Be Crisp: Say What is Core
  4. Value Multiple Perspectives
  5. Be Fully Present, Listen, Then Respond
  6. Lean into Discomfort
  7. Accept Conflict as a Catalyst for Change
  8. Honor Confidentially


With all the news buzz, taking a break from the media might be a good way to decompress from all the action. In the media especially, it is important to remember that everything on the internet is not factual or true. Before sharing information with others, always fact-check with reliable websites or sources. 

Senior Lucy Busch stresses the importance of falsity of the rumors while encouraging the natural system of the United States to run its course states.

“The spread of misinformation surrounding election fraud is morally responsible and inevitably leads to violence. No matter where you align yourself politically, just let democracy happen,” Lucy said.

In spite of what was recently stated, violence and spreading negativity is never the solution to any problem. Respect is one part of the solution, but being peaceful is an entirely other principle that thankfully was present during this inauguration year. From present-day events, we have physically seen the violence surrounding politics and elections. Is this what our forefather intended elections to be: violent protests with death and injury?

As the day of inauguration slowly drifts into the background, let’s remember that if political events, especially with an overload of news coverage, causes anxiety– take a break. Turn off the news, step outside, and breathe the fresh air. With all the tension surrounding politics, it is overwhelming to hear and witness constantly, most I bet can attest to that. 

Senior Kara Hauser discusses specifically what she does when things become overwhelming politically.

“I personally delete all social media till the buzz dies down. It helps me relax, and it forces me to do other things,” Kara said.

Going on a run, walking, baking, reading, playing a board game or simply taking a step back from the updates and buzzes that are heard every second of the day allows people to focus on other subjects and events in daily life. 

So, when an event is out of personal control, it is important to not get overwhelmed or worried. Additionally, it is vital to remember to act with respect towards other people and their opinions, while maintaining a sense of peace during an intense time and intense year. If all people do their best to listen to what others have to say and to eliminate the negativity that comes with division, peace and respect can be obtained.