Radiating Radical Love: let’s catch up with St. Joe alums


Courtesy of Lexie Woodman

St. Joe alum Ainsley Hurford and Lexie Woodman pose together before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brighton McDaniel, Senior Staff Writer

Alumnae Ainsley Hurford and Lexie Woodman who both graduated in  2020, have been very busy in their first year of college. Ainsley attends Notre Dame University and Lexie Woodman attends Georgia Tech. Prompted by their experiences at St. Joe, the pair began a podcast together entitled “Radical Love” during their high school career and have continued on their journey in college. 

“Radical Love” started from a junior year Lent STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) project that doubled as a theology extra credit opportunity for Lenten topics. From then on, Lexie and Ainsley loved making the podcast so much that they ultimately continued releasing episodes. Together, they discuss topics ranging from their Catholic faith in a not-so-Catholic world to how much social media truly affects society’s perceptions. 

“My favorite part about Radical Love is being able to openly discuss topics that require a lot of honesty and vulnerability. It’s amazing to see myself grow in such profound and tangible ways, while also helping other people open up about those things, too,” Ainsley said.

Courtesy of Lexie Woodman

On their Podcast “Radical Love,” they sometimes have features; in fact, recently they had senior Taylor Polcyn join them.  Taylor holds a significant following on social media platforms, specifically TikTok, totaling more than 300,000 followers. Together, they talked specifically about the social media stresses and how it is okay to post your faith on social media.

While I was featured on the “Radical Love Podcast,” Ainz and Lex made me feel so special, loved, and appreciated. I am so grateful that they reached out to me because they inspire me every single day,” Taylor said. 


. Their podcast reaches beyond their personal  communities, inviting strangers on their journey through life as well.  

“It is amazing to see the power of God working through us and reaching people all over the country. God really works in beautiful ways when we least expect it,”  Lexie said.

Episode by episode, they are growing in their faith and helping others grow as well. Tune in to stay updated on Lexie and Ainley’s journey through their podcast “Radical Love,” available on their website radicalloveblog.com.