Scaring St. Joe with Senior Hallway


Maggie Mays

Seniors Caroline Mentel and Lizzie Hickman prepare to scare at senior haunted hallway.

Maggie Mays, Public Relations Editor

As most of us are well aware, SJA is full of annual traditions, especially when it comes to the senior class. One special Halloween tradition the seniors put on each year is the “Haunted Senior Hallway.” Although COVID-19 may have interfered with various traditions and events this year, with social distancing precautions in place, the haunted hallway was still  up and running this year. Each year, the class picks their own theme for the event, they dress up, and deck their hall in accordance with the theme. 

This year’s theme was “Haunted Hospital.” To match each girl’s mask, the students either dressed up as doctors, nurses, or patients. To add a Halloween twist, many girls added fake blood to their scrubs. The senior moderator Mrs. Leigh LaMonica, a French teacher at SJA, explained their thought process behind this theme choice.

“Since everyone had to wear masks anyway, the senior officers and senior class thought the theme would be appropriate,” Mrs. LaMonica said.

To decorate the hallway, they turned off the lights and used a smoke machine. They hid behind the panels of lockers to jump out and scare the students and staff members coming through. In addition to this, there was a large sheet on the entrance that said “Welcome to the Asylum.” The seniors also put up various signs, covered the windows in black paper so the hallway was dark, and used standing mirrors to add to the creepy asylum effect.

Many seniors have been looking forward to this creative and unifying tradition with their classmates ever since freshman year. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and staff are all allowed to participate in this festive event by passing through the hallway either in the morning or at lunch. However, as previously mentioned, this year masks were required and distancing amongst participants was ensured due to the pandemic. 

The senior class was beyond grateful to be able to participate in the haunted hallway this year with the circumstances in mind. The most prevalent circumstance was the location. The hallway utilized was not the traditional senior hallway, but the larger gym hallway with more space for social distancing. Senior Lauren Falk expressed her gratitude to the St. Joe staff in letting them keep this tradition alive.

“Even with the changes due to the coronavirus, we were still able to make the haunted hallway an enjoyable experience while maintaining a distance, and I am happy that St. Joe still let the seniors keep this tradition,”  she said.

Senior Lucy Andrew was also thankful for the opportunity to bond with her classmates in a fun yet precautionary manner.

“I loved seeing my class come together in a safe way. It was cool to see us adapt as a team,” Lucy expressed.

Overall, the senior class and entire SJA community was grateful to continue a long-standing tradition, and they are thankful the staff allowed them to participate as well.