Participating in fall sports during COVID-19


Megan Ngyuen

The JV tennis team, socially distanced with masks on, ready to practice for the day.

Lilly Skaggs, Senior Staff Writer

Finally, the Fall 2020 sports season has arrived. Along with new cleats, racquets, sticks, and shoes, a new set of guidelines in accordance with COVID-19 safety protocols has been set in place. 

On September 9, Sam Page, the St. Louis County Executive, announced through a press conference the changes to the fall high school sports. The new guidelines state that any “high intensity” sport will not be able to participate in games against other schools. 

These “high intensity” sports at St. Joe include field hockey and softball. The “low intensity” sports such as tennis, golf, and cross country, are still able to participate in matches, meets, and tournaments against other schools, with masks of course. 

Junior Kelly Dean, a varsity field hockey player at St. Joe, has her own opinion about the new protocols. 

“I understand these protocols were put into place in order to create a safe environment; however, I wish we could play against other schools, especially due to the fact that coronavirus has not affected most high school students in any extreme way. Other sports are allowed to play with a mask, and I wish field hockey would be able to as well.” 

Although, Kelly did continue to mention that she is grateful for the practice being allowed. 

“Not being able to fully play against fellow athletes makes me very sad. However, I am extremely grateful I am still allowed to practice with my own team. Afterall, my team is one of the reasons I love field hockey so much. Although I am not able to enjoy this season to the fullest extent, I am happy to see my tennis, golf, and cross country peers being able to fully enjoy the sport they love,” she said.


Junior Sarah Miner, a varsity tennis player,is happy that her sport is able to compete against other schools.


“The act of competition inspires me to be the best player I can be. I know I need to be extremely grateful this time for the opportunity to play against other schools,” she said. “I look forward to finishing out this season knowing I was able to play some of those yearly matches against some of our biggest competitors.” 


Many opinions have been formed, and many rules have been enforced during this uncertain time that makes this season of sports unlike any other. However, in reality, it is just another factor of everyday life while managing this global pandemic.