Taking Part in Junior M.O.R.E. Day

Lexi Hartman looks before Mass started during the junior M.O.R.E day.

Lilly Skaggs and Maggie Mays

On Wednesday, September 23, the juniors finally got to experience their first M.O.R.E. day with the new level 3 hybrid schedule. This day consisted of mass, PSAT registration, junior ring sizing, and fun class bonding activities. 

The day started off in their lace classes for attendance, and shortly after shifted to an outdoor mass with Father Oscar Valdez. Father Oscar gave a motivational homily about stepping up to the plate of being new upperclassmen at school. Kathleen Dolan, a member of our SJA Frontenac’s, sang for the class and needless to say, she did not disappoint her classmates. After mass, the junior class officers briefly spoke about mission week and began circulating some ideas about what products to make and sell. 

PSAT registration took place shortly after in the gym, and although it was not the most exciting activity in the schedule, it was most definitely a necessary one. In addition to this, each junior girl was assigned a freshman buddy. The junior student council representatives set this up for the girls, and they even went the extra mile to make a Google Doc template in order to send basic information to our buddies to help get to know one another.

Junior Ellie Mcmanus was excited to see her whole class together.

 “It was so fun to catch up with people that I had not seen since last school year. Another memorable part was getting sized for junior rings,” Ellie said.

Kathleen also enjoyed seeing her classmates.

“There was never a dull moment, and I could tell everyone had a smile on their faces under the masks. This M.O.R.E. day set the bar high, and I am excited to see what is in store for the future M.O.R.E days,” she said. 

Overall, this first M.O.R.E. day appeared to be a great success for the Class of 2022 class. Everyone took the time to appreciate being all together again after months of being apart. Full of reconnecting, laughs, and more, the day will be one to remember.