What M.O.R.E. Day Offered to Class of 2021

Kara Kieffer
St. Joe seniors enjoy a presentation at the amphitheater.

Kelsey Rowland, Senior Staff Writer

On Wednesday, September 26, the senior class had its first M.O.R.E. day. M.O.R.E. stands for Meet, Organizing, Reflecting, and Educating. Essentially, it is a day for each class to bond together amid St. Joe’s hybrid schedule. Each grade meets once a month and does fun activities or traditions while maintaining social distance.

 The day began with Fr. Oscar celebrating mass with the seniors. The faculty made sure all students were six feet away from each other as well as made sure that each student sanitized her hands before receiving communion. Afterward, students could find their friends and eat lunch while staying at a distance, of course. 

Senior Megan Crane enjoyed getting to see all of her classmates.

 “I was excited to eat lunch with my friends on the other side of the alphabet, Megan said.  “I missed them!”

Meanwhile, during lunch, students had the opportunity to get their junior rings resized to make sure that when the Junior Ring Ceremony does occur, they will be perfect fits.

After lunch, all students went to the gym and listened to their peers explain why they would be a great member of St. Joe’s Student Council for the 2020-2021 school year. Running for Commissioner of Communications is Grace Kinzel. Commissioner of Public Relations is being run for by both Mary Mansfield and Megan Stevens. The candidate for Commissioner of Philanthropy is Megan Wilcutt. For Vice President, Mia Foster, Emily Lally, and Jenny Mansfield are running. Lastly, the candidates for President are Olivia Linsman, Mia Sansone, and Flynn Wiegner. The candidates had to prepare speeches on a video to present to the senior class for MORE day and for the rest of the school to watch on youtube.

 Running candidate Megan Stevens said she had planned on running for STUCO since her freshman year because she had looked up to the upperclassmen who held office before her.

“Honestly, I have thought about my speech for so long as well,” she said.  “When I heard that we were going to have to record our speech, I was really upset because I felt that the speeches are a great way for the student body to connect to you especially by seeing your face.”

Finally, after the STUCO speeches, the first-ever M.O.R.E. day ended in St. Joe’s annual pie-eating contest. 

The seniors sat near flags about 10 feet apart on the soccer field while watching the nine seniors, including Megan Crane, Michele Origliasso, Sophie Gloriod, Claire Regan, Lucy Andrew, Sara Frautschi, Madison Weishaar, Claire Price, and Grace Becker participate in this tradition. The pie pan was filled with chocolate pudding and a heaping chunk of whip cream. 

Sophie Gloriod was the winner.

“I always loved watching it when I was an underclassman, and participating in it was a cool end of the day,” she said. 

After the contest, the senior class got dismissed early for the day. Altogether, it was a great day for the senior class to bond and celebrate their senior year together, especially in light of COVID-19.