Zooming vs. In Person – What Will Win?

Sophie Gloriod

Kara Kieffer

As many know by now, St. Joe has taken on the Level Three Hybrid of the COVID-19 plan, meaning A-K is at school Mondays and Tuesdays while L-Z studies online. This switches on Thursday and Friday, so L-Z has a chance to be in the building. Wednesdays are M.O.R.E. days, allowing each grade on campus at a time, so students can socialize with their entire class on both halves of the alphabet. 

Many girls prefer having class in person rather than on Zoom. A survey was done on the student body, and out of 236 responses, 78.4 percent of girls would rather have class in person. Senior Claire Price is one of those.

“It’s easier to ask questions in person than trying to email someone,” Claire said. “I also like how I can create bonds with teachers and friends when I’m at school.”

The seniors are not the only people who would rather be in person. Junior Ava Niedbalski likes having in school learning too. 

“I like being able to talk to friends while at school which makes everything feel closer to normal,” she said. ]

COVID-19 has taken away a lot of normalcy within everyday activities, and seeing our friends at school makes life feel like it did before the impact of the virus. In this way, having school in person helps students create stronger social lives and helps the girls learn better. 

Conversely,  21.6 percent of girls like being online more than in school. Many girls like working at home because of the free time they get. Students are able to create their own schedules for their work, alleviating some of their stress. Generally, the girls who prefer online- learning manage their time well without getting distracted easily.

Sophomore Lily Pingleton prefers online school. 

“I enjoy the simplicity of rolling out of bed, turning my computer on, and finishing my work on my own structured time,” she said. 

Online learning allows students to have a more relaxed day, without the pressure of running from class to class or forgetting a book at home. 

The majority of students seem to prefer having in-person school for a multitude of reasons, whether it is the social aspect, academics, or having something that gets us out of the house. Even six feet apart, being in the building creates bonds between every Angel. 

While everyone can prefer a method of schooling, the Level 3 Hybrid plan is the best way to keep students and faculty from obtaining COVID-19. By reducing the number of students on campus, the risk of COVID-19 is also reduced. The best thing to do right now is to keep an open mind even if your current learning schedule is not preferable to you. Staying positive and staying six feet apart will keep COVID-19 from ruining our spirits and immune systems.