A Grand Day for the Arts


The Frontenac Voices singing under the direction of Mr. Kowalczyk.

Sophie Gloriod, Public Relations

On April 28, St. Joseph’s Academy held its Grand Day for the Arts. During this day, an art gallery walk displayed art classes’ work from the semester. Meanwhile, the Chorus concert showcased pieces from Freshman  and Advanced Choruses. The art show opened at 12:00 pm and lasted until 2:00 pm, while the concert started at 2:00.

The Freshmen Chorus performed beautiful songs, including an upbeat and fun Disney medley! During the classic Disney Song, Kiss the Girl, Mallory Minana sang the solo.  “I loved being able to sing the happy spring songs! The Disney medley is the best song we’ve sung so far.” Minana says.

The Frontenac voices also sang during this concert. Their voices masterfully blended , creating a springtime feel in the theater. Junior Natalie Murray, an alto for the Frontenacs, loved performing the song Break of Day. Murray tells us, “This song was absolutely beautiful. I love John Donne, he wrote the lyrics, and the music was amazing. It was awesome, I loved singing it and hearing it every day during rehearsals.”

During the concert, the Art Show displayed work from various classes, including: ceramics, drawing, and photography. Each student spent all semester creating these beautiful masterpieces for the gallery, and their work payed off! Mrs. Amy Madeji shows pride in her students and their work every semester.

           “A Grand Day for the Arts is exactly how it sounds.  It is a grand day to showcase the amazing artistic talent of our SJA students. The pieces that were exhibited were from the second semester and showcased a wide range of variety. Everything from drawing, acrylic painting, watercolor, ceramics, mixed media, photography and more were celebrated!  Once Mrs. Schaefer and I hang the show we are always wowed by all the work. National Art Honor Society members also exhibit their own artwork. All members display at least two art pieces that they worked on outside of class. The Grand Day for the Arts is a special way to display NAHS pieces as well as the current art students. It is a special day and I look forward to many more!” Mrs. Madeji says.

This year’s winner of the art show was Elizabeth Burke for one of her paintings.

A Grand Day for the Arts is an exciting way to support the arts at St. Joe. Whether you are a singer, painter, sculpture, photographer, or all of the above, St. Joe shows their love for the arts every semester.