A Night to Remember


Senior Joy Connolly with a look of shock and excitement after being named Prom Angel from the votes of her classmates.

Sophie Gloriod, Public Relations

 One night every senior looks forward to is Prom night. This year, the popular song, Good Old Days by Kesha and Macklemore, created the theme for prom . Held at the DoubleTree by Hilton, the seniors and their dates had a fantastic time filled with singing, dancing, laughing, and good company.

    Senior Maddie Loe loved spending time with her friends at such a fun dance. 

    “It was so much fun getting to see all my friends in their beautiful dresses, everyone looked amazing. My favorite part was seeing my entire class having fun and dancing together. ” Loe tells us. 

    After eating the delicious dinner provided, the faculty announced the Prom Angel. The class of 2019 voted Elsa Connolly as Prom Angel because of her joyful spirit and positive attitude. Connolly took the first dance and invited her twin sister, Joy, to dance with her. 

“I felt so honored and loved by my classmates to be Prom Angel,” Connolly say. “Prom was so much fun and I know I will never forget the awesome memories I made with my friends.” 

    The night fit the theme perfectly! The years at St. Joe truly are the Good Old Days. They are days that the class of 2019 will always remember, no matter how many years have passed.