St. Joe Celebrates Black History Month 


The Black History Month Music Festival Committee

Mary Dill, Staff Writer

The month of February honors Black History nationwide, and at St. Joseph’s Academy, 
students and teachers throughout the school worked to commemorate Black History Month 
through special projects, classes, and events. Black History Month at St. Joe was truly something 
To kick off the month at SJA, Diversity Club brought in food trucks and hosted music 
Many students and alumnae also actively participated in a Black Entrepreneur Round 
Table, an event in which powerful Black women talked about how they conquered barriers to get 
where they are today. 
“I was really interested in how the Black business owners went after their dreams,” 
freshman and host Adrienne Ward said. “They had good advice for anyone, even if you didn’t 
want to be an entrepreneur.” 
Additionally, teachers around the school saluted Black History through special projects.  
Mr. Tim Kohler’s Freshman Honors English class read Maya Angelou’s ​I Know Why The Caged 
Bird Sings.  
“Reading Angelou’s book really opened my eyes to the importance of learning Black History,” 
freshman Olivia Hattrich said. “Maya’s words brought me to a whole new understanding of what 
it was like.”  
In the Library, students were invited to celebrate Black History Month in the form of modern 
literature. Book Club hosted a February meeting to honor Angie Thomas’ ​The Hate U Give,​ and 
other works of literature written by Black authors. The meeting’s attendees chose a book and 
discussed its importance and the importance of Black authors in modern writing. St. Joe’s 
Librarians and attendees of the book club described the event as “enlightening.” 
“Allowing students and teachers to choose any book by or about an African American brings a 
lot of new information and awareness about another culture, possibly different from your own,” 
Ms. Jennifer Millikan, librarian, said.  
Ms. Pam Williams, an administrative assistant to the president, is a regular at book club,
“It [the February meeting] made me more aware of the experiences the Black Community faces,
even as a Black woman,” Ms. Williams said.
“I am so excited to celebrate the Black history next February. I am looking forward to celebrating
some of the events from this year, and maybe even some new ones,” freshman Katie Wilkie said.