A Midsummer Night’s Dream Takes the Stage


Sophie Gloriod, Staff Writer

On February 19-20 the St. Joe theater program tackled Shakespeare, and it was an enormous success. Performing the beloved comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, was not only an exciting experience for the actors and actresses, but also for the audience.

Mrs. Ally  Landherr, a history teacher at St. Joe, thoroughly enjoyed the production.

I loved how fun and funny it was. Shakespeare can be difficult to read, but the actors made it easy to follow along and understand what was happening. I’m also super impressed that everyone was able to learn that many lines and deliver them so well!” Landherr said.

The show includes a complicated love triangle, a group of horrible yet entertaining actors, several mischievous fairies, and plenty of chaos. Freshman Lauren Dignam enjoyed having A Midsummer Night’s Dream as one of her first St. Joe shows.

Everyone in Midsummer was so amazing. They all did such a good job and the show was absolutely hilarious,” she said.

Even though the weather was less than ideal Friday night causing the show to be postponed until Sunday afternoon, many people still came to support the actors and actresses.

Mrs. Janine Albes, the director of the show, talks about how the SJA theater community truly is a family.

“All of the actors and actresses worked very hard to make this show the best it could be. Everyone helped each other learn lines, staging, and made the experience extremely pleasant,” Ms. Albes said.

Although the show has closed, the memories and friendships made during rehearsals and the performances, including junior Olivia Sullivan (Hippolyta), freshman Chloe McGinnis (Hermia), sophomore Rachel Esser (Starveling), senior Sara Isaacson (Bottom), will always be cherished and truly unforgettable.