St. Joseph’s Academy’s hearts touched on three-day senior retreat

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St. Joseph’s Academy’s hearts touched on three-day senior retreat

Gracie Fiala, Staff Writer

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On October 2, one third of the St. Joe senior class flooded through the doors of the Pallottine Renewal Center in Florissant, eager to begin their three day faith journey, known as Kairos #47.

Kairos is a mandatory senior retreat for many high school students in St. Louis. Through Kairos, students have the opportunity to find their faith and grow closer in relationship with God and their classmates.

Mrs. Kelly Berry, English teacher, believes Kairos is a special experience for seniors.

“I believe,” Mrs. Berry said, “the seniors need an opportunity to know every girl in their graduating class in a personal and profound way.”

Abby Kahrhoff wanted to add more details about the retreat.

Sharing the uniqueness of the retreat, Kahrhoff said, “Kairos is really great at meeting people where they are in their life and in their faith, and it’s all about each person’s individual experience.”

Although the retreat is fully confidential, it is a time to help grow in your self-love and confidence not only grow in your faith. Through the different activities the retreatants participate in with their peers, the goal is for their eyes to open to the realities of their lives.

Adult leader Berry shared how she was able to see God through all the seniors on the retreat. .

This connection led her to form a “deeper connection with God” and grow personally in her own faith, reminding her of the “value and necessity” of the relationships with God, her students, and herself.

Student leader Kahrhoff answered very excitedly after emphasizing the effect leading had on her, and encouraging others to do the same.

Kahrhoff shared how “Kairos is a great time to do some reflecting on your relationship with yourself and with God, and I definitely took that opportunity.” Following this retreat, Abby says she has become more accepting and a less stressed person, along with realizing how overwhelmingly loved she is.

Lastly, the insight received from retreatant Gruensfelder was very positive, and it was obvious Kairos touched her and her relationship with God in a special way.

Gruensfelder wrapped up Kairos’ meaning beautifully when she said, “I grew during the retreat by getting a deeper understanding of who I am. I now have a sense of comfort knowing I can trust God and those around me to support me and live my life to the fullest.”