Girls from St. Joseph’s Academy Take on State in Racquetball

Seniors Audrey Williams and Annie Harter compete in their state game.

Seniors Audrey Williams and Annie Harter compete in their state game.

Kristen Weber, Staff Writer

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St. Joseph’s Academy Racquetball Team displays its skills as it competed in the state tournament after a season full of hard work and dedication. On February 25 at Vetta Concord, 10 schools from around St. Louis brought members from all levels of teams to the state competition.

It is an all-day event where players compete until they loss. Every girl is ranked on her team and she plays the girl in their same spot from other schools. In other words, each seat has its own bracket in the competition. The order of the seats at St. Joe from 1 to 6 goes: Anna Hill, Elle Guttmann, Megan Johar, Molly Boersig, Erin Schuler, and Grace Terry along with the doubles combo of Annie Harter and Audrey Williams.

The seniors (missing Audrey Williams) prepare for state

Senior Annie Harter thinks the 2018 season has been a challenging, yet rewarding one.

“The season has been great! I love playing with my partner Audrey. We don’t win a ton, but we have a lot of fun” Annie said.

Senior Grace Terry noticed the team faced competitive opponents.

“I went into the second round and I played the girl who won state for our seat; I struggled during that match” Grace said.

St. Joe ended its season by placing 10th in state.